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600W UPS with AVR sinus out

600W UPS with AVR sinowave, working with stack of 12Volt accumulators ( auto accumulators)

Braun Group - EA-INV600W

Offline UPS with AVR, 600W, LCD, 12V input, 220V sin output

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600W UPS with AVR sinus out
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Braun Group EA-INV600W - 600W Uninterruptible Power Supply Sinus Output

The SM power system is an inverter but also contains a powerful smart charger. It is an extremely good choice for utility back up power, provide a pure sine wave power to all equipments. However, it also can be used as a UPS for computers.

An inverter, charger and switching box can be replaced with a single SM series unit.

Reliable, Durable and Economical Power for Grid and Mobile Applications
Microprocessor based Inverter/Charger provides Ultra-clean pure sine wave output with less than 5% total harmonic distortion
Supply energy to various loads such as resistive load, inductive load, motors and rectifier load.
Control panel with large LCD
Powerful 300% surge power
Low sleep mode power consumption of less than 5W
Phase & frequency synchronization option for seamless transfer times
Programmable big current, 3 stage battery charger
Long backup time up to 10 hours (based on the battery bank and loads).
Easy to install, easy to maintain, and built for years of reliable service
DC Input 
Nominal Input Voltage : 12V
DC Input Voltage Range: 10-14V 
No battery(AC normal): NO

AC Input
   Input voltage range: 85~132V for 110V/170v~254V for 220V
   Nominal Input Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz (Auto detection)
   Generator: Yes

   Nominal output voltage: 110V(+/-6%) for 110V/220V(+/-6%) for 220V
   Nominal output Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz(+/-0.3Hz)
   Output waveform: Pure sine wave
   Continue power: 600W
   Surge protection: 1800W
   Power Factor: 0.8 - 1.0
   THD: <5%
   Inductive Load: Yes
   Motor Load: Yes
   Rectifier Load: Yes

Battery charger
   Adjustable Charge current: 10-30A
   Adjustable Charge voltage: 14V
   Number of Charging stages: 3 stages-Bulk,Boost,Float

   Human machine interface:  LED&Buzzer
   Operating temperature: 0°C-40°C
   Operating humidity: 5%-95%RH
    Forced Air Cooling: Variable Speed fans
   Wall Mounting: Yes
   Dimensions (WxDxH) mm: 295*267*150
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