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UPS -600VA/ 360Watt, All in One = Aio, one battery included, with 6 PDU type shuko sockets, AOI600

Braun Group - AIO600 (PDU) AOI-600

The All in One UPS, featured with smart microprocessor control design, AVR boost and buck, cold start function, ideal solution for protecting household and small office systems, easy on field acces to the battery, for replacing or connecting more.

the top IEC sockets are  replaced by 6 Schuko

AOI 600

600VA/360W =UPS “”on the field””  with 6 pcs Schuko Socket ( 3 socket online);
allows quick access - on the ground - to the battery for its replacement, or the connection of additional batteries.
picture below presentation / manual attached

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Braun Group AiO600 - All in One Uninterruptible Power Supply

- Boost and Buck AVR corrects either under-voltage or over-voltage condtition to minimize the usage of battery energy, hence the     extended life of the battery.

- Easy acces to the battery, with only two bolts, on field replacement or conection to extra ones.

- With ergonomic cable management design, all the acces of the cables is from top only.

- Cold strat function aids users to turn on the UPS without connecting the utility.

- Auto restart function enables the UPS may be automatically restarted when utility recovers.




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