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 » INTEK Citizen Band truck and PMR radio transceivers

Intek T30 PMR 446MHz handheld transceivers 2 pcs. set

PMR 446MHz handheld transceiver 2 pcs. set

INTEK - i-Talk T30

446 MHz PMR handheld transceiver 2 pcs. set (8 channels), 10mW/500mW, with charger and accumulators

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30,69 EURO

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11,81 EURO

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INTEK i-Talk T30 PMR 446 Walkie-Talkie
PMR446 8CH PAIR SET UHF FM WALKIE-TALKIESPMR446 8CH pocket size walkie-talkie with integrated antenna and bi-color dark-brown/orange cabinet.LCD display indicates channel number, RX or TX mode and transmitter power level (high/low). Low battery alert tone, automatic channel SCAN, CALL and Power Save circuit to extend battery life. Desk type double charger recharges two walkie-talkies at thje same time. Blue light LED torch on top side of the radio. Full pair set includes 2x radios, Ni-MH battery packs and 230VAC desk type double charger.

Main features:
  • 8 PMR446 channels
  • Transmitter power adjustable 500mW (high) or 10mW(low) ERP
  • LCD display / Battery alert indicator
  • Blue light LED torch
  • Automatic channel SCAN
  • CALL melody tone
  • Digital volume (8 levels)
  • Power save circuit
  • Desk type double charger included
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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