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Optical Spliter PLC 1x16 SC/APC

Braun Group - SO-PLC ABS 1x16-SC/APC

Optical Spliter PLC (planar lightware circuit) 1x16, 1260-1650nm, ABS box 100x80x10mm 2mm fiber, SC/APC connectors;

High quality optical splitters PLC  1 in --> 16 symetrical outputs


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28,11 EURO

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24,19 EURO

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Operating wave length (nm): 1260-1650
Insertion loss(dB) Max(S/P): 10.5/10.7
Loss homogeneity(dB): Max 0.8
Return loss(dB) Min(S/P): 50/55
(PDL)Polarization loss(dB): 0.3
Orientation(dB): Min 55

Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85
Storage temperature: -40 ~ +85
Splitting ratio: average
Type: 1X16
Fiber cable outer size: 2mm 
Fiber lead length: 1.5m 
Transmission mode: SM G.652 G.655

Connector: SC/UPC

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