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 » Single phase Online Uninterruptible Power Supply


Online UPS 10KVA

Braun Group - MEMO POWER+ MP10KVA

 Online UPS MEMO POWER PLUS 10KVA, tower type, 12V/9AH; "Braun Group"; black color


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The Memopower Plus Parallel Redundancy on-line series, featured with N+X parallel redundancy, DSP-controlled technology, high input & output power factors, superior input voltage window for energy saving, estimated remaining time, ECO mode,, is an ideal solution to your server, bank, industrial equipment, IT equipment, communication system or other  networking equipment, which  is demanding for a thorough protection.


-N+X Parallel Redundancy

-Online Double Conversion with DSP Control

-Graphic LCD Display with Multifunction Parameter Settings

-Unity Input Power Factor with Low Input Current Distortion

-High Output Power Factor at 0.9PF

-Low Input Current Distortion

-Green Concept design with Superior Input Voltage Window for Energy Saving

-Support Generator Input

-Estimated Remaining Time displayed on the LCD.

-Support Economic(ECO) Operation Mode

-Settable Battery Voltage

-Automatic Battery Test Available

-Load -controlled fan

-Matching Battery Pack with Powerful Charger Built-in

-Common Battery When UPS in Parallel Mode

-Versatile Communication Interfaces Available

-Cold Start

-Communication  Software

-Optional Centralized monitor function

-Settable Charge Current


Phase - Single phase &Ground

Rated Voltage - 220/230/240VAC

Voltage Range - 120VAC-276VAC

Frequency Range - 40Hz-70Hz

Power Factor - ≥0.99

Current THOi - ≤5%(100% nonlinear load)

Bypass Voltage Range - Max.voltage:+15%(optional+5%, +10%, +25%)

                                  - Min. voltage: -45% (optional -20%, -30%)

                                  - Frequency protection range: :±10%

ECO Range - same as the bypass

Generator Input - support


Phase - Single phase &Ground

Rated Voltage - 220/230/240VAC

Power Factor - 0.9

Voltage Regulation - ±2%

Frequency - Utility Mode - ±1%, ±2%, ±4%, ±5%, ±10% of the rated frequency(optional)

                 - Battery Mode - (50±0.2)Hz

Crest Factor - 3:1

THD - 2% withlinear load, 5% with non linear load

Waveform - pure sinewave


Voltage - Standard:192Vdc; OptionalVoltage: 216/240Vdc

Capacity - 16 x 12V/9AH

Backup Time - Full load ≥2min(Standard),Long time unit depends on the capacity of external batteries

                      Estimated remaining time displayed on the LCD

Recharge Time to 90% - 8 to 10 hours (standard)

Charging Current - 1A

Transfer Time

Protection - overload - AC mode - Load110%:last 3min, 125%: last 30S, ≤150%:last 1S, 150% shut down UPS immediately

                               - Batt. mode - Load≤110%: last 30S. ≤125%: last 1S, ≤150%:last 200ms, ≥150% shut down UPS immediately

                               - Bypass mode - 60A (input breaker)


Dimension - 250x 655x 590

Weight - 85 Kg



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