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Online UPS 10000VA

Braun Group - G10K-G4 Tower

Single phase UPS Online HF LCD 10000VA / 10000W (power factor 1.0), 3-level inverter technology (zero switching time), tower type, equipped with 16 12V / 9Ah batteries (192 VDC), 110-288V input voltage range ( between 176-110V the power output decreases linearly 100% -50%), output voltage 230V +/- 1%, efficiency 95% (ECO mode 98%), digital controlled charger and Battery management (with self-aging function), multiple protections, ventilation control depending on temperature, software performance self-diagnosis and display multiple events, RS232 communications, EPO, SNMP, USB (optional), operating temperatures 0-40 degrees Celsius, humidity 0-95%, altitude 1000m (standard power) and over 1000m decreases power by 1% / 100m to max 5000m, dimensions (WxDxH) 191x495x711mm, weight 62kg.

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