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 » Figure 8 self-supporting optical cables (with messenger)

TKF 48 FIBRE SUFA 5800N Figure 8 optical fiber cable

Figure 8 optical fiber cable


FIGURE 8 - 48 fibre SM G652D (6x8) - TKF Part Number 69890 optical fiber cable, MULTI TUBE, hard dielectric core, stranded metal messenger, pole span < 110m, UV protection, 48 fibers. Diam: 12/21mm, Weight 190kg/km; pulling tension: 5800N; reel lenghts: 4km

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LTC Figure-8 5.8kN - Loose Tube Cable Figure-8 5800N, 48 Fibers

LTC Figure 8 - Outdoor, Aerial, Metallic Cable

Metallic aerial hanging cable with messenger steel wire, longitudinal water-protected, for short
span applications (up to max. 100 mtrs.).

 Comercial information  Properties
Product group Fibre optic cable
Series Fibre optic cable Single mode
Type LTC Figure 8
Description 48x SM Zwart Aerial Cable
Net weight 175 kg/km
 Construction characteristics  Properties
Standardization IEC 60794-1-2
Optical fibre standard  ITU-T G.657.A1
Application Outside
Cable metal free No
Strain relief Yes
UV resistant Yes
Halogen free (acc. EN 50267-2-2) Yes
Longitudinal water blocking Yes
Number of fibres 48
Number of fibres per tube 8
Number of cores 6
Type of tube Loose tube, gel filled
Fibre Type Single mode
Material outer sheath HDPE
Colour outer sheath black
 Characteristics for use  Properties
Outer diameter approx. 19.5 mm
Bending radius during installation 165 mm
Bending radius after installation 220 mm
Tensile load 5800 N
Installation temperature -10 / 50 °C
Operation temperature range -30 / 70 °C
Transportation and storage temperature -30 / 70 °C
 Technical characteristics  Properties
Attenuation @ 1310 nm 0.37 dB/km
Attenuation @ 1550 nm 0.25 dB/km
Attenuation @ 1625 nm 0.25 dB/km
Crush resistance 1500 N/dm
Impact strength 5 J
Torsion resistance 180 °/m
 Longitudinal water blocking
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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