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Exceptand produsele Hikvision, celelalte se pot comanda doar la sediul din Timisoara.

CCTV Power Supply Box

  Description Price
CCTV power supply 10A-9Ch.CCTV Power Supply Box DC12V 10A Braun Group - TX-03 -12V10A (TX-03)

CCTV Power Supply Box, Input: AC 110V-220V, Output DC12V 10A, 9ch

Price : 40.14 EURO
*) VAT not included
Availability : not available
TX-09CCTV Power 180W Supply cabinet DC12V & 15V, full protection Braun Group - TX09-12V15A (TX-09)

CCTV Power Supply Box, Input: AC 110/245V, Output DC12V & DC15V ( total 180Watt)   
12 channels independent output for 12 cameras, offering two voltage to supply cameras: 
DC12V / 1.25A , chennels 1...4   & DC15V /1.0A, ch 5...12
  dimension: 24.5x24.5x7.2cm, wight: 2.5kg:
Full protection: SC, OV,OC ( scurt circuit, over-voltage, over current) & Overheating.

Old price 40.02 EURO
New price
30.24 EURO
*) VAT not included
Availability : available
Prices do not include VAT
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