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 » Remote power supply for CATV

Braun Group WA6010A CATV remote power supply

CATV remote power supply

Braun Group - WA6010A

Remote power supply "barostat" type, lightning and short circuit protection, 220VAC (170-250VAC) supply, output voltage 60VAC+/-4V, nominal loading current 10A, power inserter included 5-1000MHz, F and 5/8" connectors, output measuring instruments ammeter / voltmeter included - 10A


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WA6000A Series Field Power Supply Barostat
   Notice Proceeding
 • Be earthed under standard of country level.
 • Protection current is proper under 30%, arranged ±15% of the standard , more smaller of the current when higher of the temperature.
 • Considering the reason surplus of the power supply.
 • Do not change the setting and component of the circuit main board.
Performance Characteristic
 • Adopt high-power transformer, no operating noises and low leak of magnetism, high power supply.
 • Anti-thunder and capacity of resist of disturbing.
 • Automatic power pass, short circuit protection, Optical warning and resume ability.
 • Input 220V double assurance.
Input Voltage 220V 170V-250V
Output Voltage 60V 60V±4V
Fix Output current 2A 4A 6A 8A 10A 15A
Protection Current 2A 5A 7A 9A 11A 15A
Weight (KG) 6KG 7KG 8.5KG 9KG 10KG 15KG
Warning Type Optical Warning
Automatic Resume Time 20±5s
Frequency Range 5~1000MHz
Inserting Type Input and Output Signal
Insertion Loss dB dB ≤1.2 ≤1.4 ≤2.0
Return Loss MHz 5-550
dB ≥14 ≥16 ≥14
Signal Alternating ratio >66dB
Anti-electicity Intencity 3KV   1min
isolation resistance 120MΩ
Dimension (mm) 335*255*215
Principle drawing :
Sursa de telealimentare performanta tip AVR cu relee
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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