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 » 3 phase power regulator 380V


15kVA Triphase Voltage Stabilizer with servomotor

Braun Group - ES-SVC 15KVA-380

Triphase Voltage Stabilizer with servomotor. Max. power 15kVA. Ui: 276VAC-4350VAC; Uo: 380VAC; <3% precision, manual bypass

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Main Features: 

+ Three phase compensation servo motor technology
+ Wide AC input voltage range 276-450V
+ 100% unbalanced loading capability between three phases
+ Digital display for voltage and current
+ Isolated manual bypass switch
+ Full protections such as over voltage, under voltage, overload, overheat, etc
+ Selectable 6s/180s output delay
+ Optional surge/spike protection (replaceable SPD)
+ Optional output isolation transformer
+ Optional RS232/RS485
Typical Applications: 

+ Multi-color printing machines
+ Air compressors
+ CNC machines
+ Punching machines
+ Laser cutting machines
+ Welding machines



Rated Input Voltage 380V (400V/415V Optional)
InputVoltageRange 276-450V
Input Frequency 45-65Hz
Power Factor 0.98


Rated Output Voltage 380V (400V/415V Optional)
Output Precision ±3% (±1% Optional)
Response Time <1s, against 10% variation of input voltage
Efficiency >96%


Input Voltage Line Voltage: AB, BC, CA          Phase Voltage: A, B, C
Output Voltage Line Voltage: AB, BC, CA          Phase Voltage: A, B, C
Output Current Phase Current: A, B, C


Output Under Voltage Output cutoff by contactor + "L" in display + Buzzer beeping
Output Over Voltage Output cutoff by contactor + "H" in display + Buzzer beeping
Overload Output cutoff by contactor + "F" in display + Buzzer beeping
Overheat Output cutoff by contactor + "C" in display + Buzzer beeping
Phase Failure Output cutoff by contactor + Buzzer beeping
Wrong Phase Sequence Can't switch on regulator
Short Circuit Input cutoff by air breaker
Bypass Isolated Manual Bypass Switch (Automatic Bypass Optional)
Output Delay Time 6s/180s Selectable
Surge Spike Optional, Replaceable SPD
RS232/RS485 Optional


Insulation Voltage 2,000V / 60s
Insulation Resistance >5MΩ
Creepage Distance >8mm
Grounding Resistance <0.1mΩ
Insulation Class of Coil Class F (155?)
Cooling Mode Cooling Fan
IP Level IP20
Audible Noise  


Operating Temperature -5°C - +45°C
Operating Humidity 10%-90%, non-condesing
Operating Altitude <1,000m


Model No. 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 45KVA 60KVA 80KVA 100KVA
Capacity 10kVA/6kW 15kVA/9kW 20kVA/12kW 30kVA/18kW 45kVA/36kW 60kVA/48kW 80kVA/64kW 100kVA/80kW
Machine Size D520 x W460 x H830 mm D600 x W520 x H1080 mm D600 x W570 x H1080 mm
N.W. 70kgs          78kgs        100kgs         108kgs 175kgs              190kgs 210kgs               235kgs
Packing Size D530 x W470 x H850 mm D610 x W530 x H1200 mm D610 x W580 x H1200 mm
G.W. 80kgs          88kgs         110kgs        118kgs 190kgs              205kgs 228kgs               253kgs 

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