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1000VA Line Interactive UPS

Braun Group - UPS-1000LCD

UPS 1000VA interactive line with AVR, range of input voltages 162Vac-295Vac, output voltage 230V +/- 10% / 50Hz +/- 1% (in sinusoidal output network, in simulated sinus output battery mode), 600W useful power, LCD display , 2/3 Shucko sockets, ports: RS232, Fax / Tel, optional USB, 1 x 12V / 8Ah batteries, protection against: short circuit, overload, overvoltages, battery overcharge, battery overdischarge, autorestart when voltage returns, dimensions (WxDxH): 100x290x140mm / 5.2kg (plastic housing), 95x320x160mm  black



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