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 » Aparate de sudura fibra optica

AV6481 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

Trusa Sudura Fibra

CETC - AV6481

AV6481 implements industrial-grade CPU+FPGA structure of high-performance, completely
fresh HD optical fiber microscope, imported high-speed motor and aluminum-magnesium alloy
materials extensively. Compared with AV6471, our star product, AV6481 lowers the size by 38%,
the weight by 52%, the power consumption by 57%, but improves the speed by 60%, the
environment adaptability by 80% and the reliability (MTBF) by 200%. You can get unprecedented
fusion splicing experience.

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AV6481 Optical Fiber Fusion SplicerAV6481 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

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Model AV6481
Alignment method Precise core alignment and cladding alignment
Applicable fibers Any common optical fibers, rubber-insulated fibers and jumpers that meet    requirements of ITU-TG.651~653, ITU-TG.655 and ITU-TG.657.
Optical fiber diameter Cladding:80~150μm, coating layer: 0.1~3mm
Cutting length 5~16mm(coated optical fiber diameter≤250μm);10mm(coated optical    fiber diameter:0.25~3mm)
Fusion splicing consumption(typical value) 0.02dB(SMF);0.01dB(MMF);0.04dB(DSF);0.04dB(NZDSF)
Return loss Better than 60dB
Fusion splicing time  (typical value) 7s
Heating time (typical   value) 18s
Pulling force test 1.96~2.25N
Thermal shrinkage tube 60mm, 40mm and a series of thermal shrinkage tubes
Graphical display High-performance 4.3 inch LCD
Magnification time 320 times/88 times
Fusion splicing record 10000 groups
Battery capacity 11.1V,6400mAh,typical value of fusion splicing and thermal cycle is 220   times
Battery service life Cycle charging times reach 300~500, can be replaced by customers
Electrode service life Typical value is 4000 times, can be replaced by customers
Construction lighting Built-in lights with high-brightness and wide lighting area
Working environment Temp:-10~50℃;hum: 0~95%RH,height above sea level:0~6000m
Operation interfaces GUI graphical operation interfaces 
External power AC: AC100~240V,60Hz,0~1.5A;DC: DC10~15V
External port USB / SD
Dimensions 120mm(W)×130mm(H)×154mm(D)(without rubber anti-vibration pad)

1.59kg(host engine),0.37kg(battery)


Precise fiber core alignment, ultra-low fiber fusion splicing consumption
7s fast fusion splicing, 18s highly efficient heating.
320 times image magnification, 5mm fusion splicing for fibers of ultra-short cutting length
300 groups of fusion splicing modes, 100 groups of heating modes
10000 groups of fusion records, 64 images storage
Ceramic presser foot, ceramic V-block, all-in-one fixture
Dual-direction splicing, automatic splicing, intelligent pyrocondensation
USB and SD card interfaces, U-disk automatic software upgrade
Built-in modular lithium battery, supports 220 times of splicing and heating cycles.
Small and light
Small in size and light in weight, the splicer is easy to carry and can be lift by one hand. 

Water-resistant, dust-resistant and shock-resistant in design
Water-resistant and dust-resistant can meet IP52 requirements.

All-in-one fixer
The all-in-one fixture meet fusion splicing demands of multiple fibers, jumpers and rubber-insulted wires with

a cladding diameter of 80~150μm. 

Graphical interfaces and touch screen  
AV6481 uses entirely new GUI graphical interfaces and touch screen in design. Operators can set up the splicer and get to know relevant information of it simply and directly by graphical interfaces.  

 Intelligent heat shrinkage
A detection unit is embedded in the heater. The heating function will only be enabled when the thermal

shrinkage tube is put in the heater, to avoid misoperation.

Large-capacity pluggable lithium battery
The built-in pluggable lithium battery with large capacity can answer working demand lasting all day long

(typical 220 times of fusion splicing and heating cycles). 

 Ceramic V-block and ceramic presser foot
Ceramic V-block with high precision brings you convenient and accurate placement of optical fibers and makes cleanup easy. 
Multi-functional carrying case
The multi-functional carrying case is novel in design and light in weight, has built-in compact working bench.

Open or close the cover can turn it to a working bench. 

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