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Priza Planet Z-Wave cu masurarea energiei

Planet - HZS-532E-DE

HZS-530 este o priza inteligenta Z-Wave cu Contor de energie, care verifica consumul de curent de energie, în interfața de configurare a HAC-1000, si permite pornirea sau oprirea diverselor echipamente de la distanta prin intermediul telefonului mobil.


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Home Automation and Smart Home Control

The HZS (Z-Wave Sensing Device) series of PLANET Home Automation product family, based on Z-Wave technology, provides the advanced security system that protects your home and family 24/7. Easy operation and flexible configuration are the attractive features of our system; the simple one-touch button lets you program your regular settings according to your preference and operation mode. Worked with PLANET HAC-1000 Z-Wave Home Automation Control Gateway, you get the all-round and reliable home security services that we offer. Our full range of product lines ensure that you get all the devices you need for your home security system.


Energy and Cost Saving on Every Room

PLANET HZS-530 series is a Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter that checks the current energy consumption in your home within the configuration interface of the HAC-1000. You can also manage these energy-saving devices such as power meter switches, power switches and dimmer switches to help you reduce energy consumption and thus save expenses on utilities.




Scheduled Power On/Off

The HZS-530 series Energy Meter allows you to pre-define a power schedule for home devices via the HAC-1000 Control Gateway. It alerts users to an upcoming shutdown, and then waits a predefined amount of time to allow users to finish their work and sign off. For example, you can define a schedule that would shut down your home device on Friday night, and start it again Monday morning.




Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Via the Cloud Home App (including Home Automation Controller Pad and Control Gateway): PressInclusion/Exclusion to include/exclude Z-Wave device.
  2. On the Z-Wave device: Press the Pair button to establish a connection with the control gateway.
  3. Users can enjoy and manage Z-Wave network right away.












Overload Protection

The HZS-530 series Energy Meter is a miniature device that allows you to control the amount of electricity consumed. If the current exceeds 10 amps, the circuit breaker will open up, cutting off any more current flow. Furthermore, the HZS-532E-DE, an ETSI compliant product in the HZS-530 series, could inform you about the current load of the connected appliances by changing in color of its built-in LED.





With PLANET HAC-1000 Z-Wave Home Automation Control Gateway, your home is securely protected. It allows you to turn on/off the attached appliance or electronic device wirelessly by using Z-Wave protocol remote control. You can manage your home environment by applying the HZS-530 series Smart Energy Meter for energy management. Moreover, you can control this innovative automation system from wherever you are, at home or abroad, using the touch screen of your iOS or Android phone, thus making your home a smart one.





  • Z-Wave 500 series module inside
  • Easy to install
  • Overload protection
  • Repeater to enhance the Z-Wave wireless communication range
  • Energy and cost saving by automatically/manually turning off those devices not in use
  • Setting up an automatic power on and off schedule (with the HAC-1000 Control Gateway)
  • Voltage, current, wattage and total KWh report (with the HAC-1000 Control Gateway)
  • App and control pad alerts for any situation (with Cloud Home App and the HTS-1000P Control Pad)


Hardware and Network
Z-Wave Frequency America: 908.42MHz 
Europe: 868.42MHz
LED Indicators Power On/Off: red/green
Z-Wave RF transfer/receive: red/green (flash)
Energy level: green/orange/red
Buttons 1 x Power On/Off button (Either control manually or remotely via the control gateway)
Load 110V/10A/1100W (Resistive)
220V10A/2200W (Resistive)
Operating Range Up to 30 meters in open space
Installation Plug connection for indoor use
Power Requirements AC 100V~230V
Operating Temperature 15 ~ 60 degrees C
Operating Humidity 10 ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Weight HZS-531A-US: 156g
HZS-532E-DE: 126g
Dimensions HZS-531A-US: 100 x 62 x 38 mm (W x D x H)
HZS-532E-DE: 61 x 58 mm (Φ x L)
Emission CE, FCC


HZS-532E-DE Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter (ETSI-868.42MHz, AC 100-230V, 10A max.)
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