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SFP-WDM 3km long casing Braun Group

Minigbic SFP WDM 1.25G -3km 1310TX

Braun Group - XSFP-LD1310-3K

Modul SFP (1.25 G) Gigabit WDM ( single Fiber), distanta 3km, Single Mode, Tx=1310nm; Rx=1550nm, conector SC ( optional conector LC)
Se imperecheaza cu: XSFP-LD1550-3K ( Tx1550nm/ Rx1310nm) 

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SFP-WDM 3km long casing Braun GroupSFPminigbic -WDM braun & media converter SFP slotSFPminigbic -WDM braun & media converter SFP
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Disponibilitate :

1.25Gbps WDM SFP Optical Transceiver, 3km Reach

1.1  Up to 1.25Gb/s bi-directional data links
A: Tx 1310nm, Rx 1550nm   ( this model);
B: Tx 1550nm, Rx 1310nm   ( corresponding model);
1.2  Hot-pluggable SFP footprint, Single SC ( standard)  or LC interface ( optional);
1.3  Distance up to 3km ( 5km depending on OFC infrastructure)
1.4  Single 3.3V power supply, TTL logic interface
1.5  Optional with DDM function
1.6  Metal enclosure, for lower EMI
1.7  Comply with SFP MSA and SFF-8472 standard
1.8  Operating temperature: 0°C to 70°C(Standard)

2.1    Gigabit Ethernet Switch and Routers
2.2    Fiber Channel Links
2.3    WDM links

BSFP-1.25G-SX adopt WDM technique to achieve a Bi-directional signals transmission through one fiber. Maximum protection customers existing investments, Address the difficulties caused by inadequate optical fiber resources.
They simultaneously comply with Gigabit Ethernet as specified in IEEE Std 802.3. 10.0. Optional with DDM(Digital Diagnostics)).BSFP-1.25G-SU/BSFP-1.25G-SD transmitter using a single mode class 1 laser, and meet the international safety standard IEC 60825.

Absolute maximum ratings:
Storage temperature: -40~+85°C
Supply Voltage (VCC): -0.5~3.6V

Recomended Operating Conditions:
Operating temperature: 0~70°C
Power supply voltage(VCC): Min.:3.15 ; Typical:3.3; Max.:3.45V
Power supply current(ICC): Max.: 190mA
Surge current: Max.:+30mA
Total supply current(ICC): Max:300mA
Baud rate: Typical: 1.25GBaud

Performance Specifications - Electrical
CML/PECL Inputs (Differential) (Vin): Min: 400; Max:2500 (mVp); AC coupled inputs
Input impedance(Differential)(Zin):Min.: 85; Typ.:100; Max:115 Ohms; Rin>100 kohms@DC
Tx_DISABLE Input Voltage - High: Min:2; Max: 3.45V
Tx_DISABLE Input Voltage - Low:Min:0; Max: 0.8V
Tx_FAULT Output Voltage - High: Min.:Vcc-0.5; Max: Vcc+0.3V; Io=400μA; Host Vcc
Tx_FAULT Output Voltage - High: Min.:0; Max: 0.5V; Io=-4.0mA
CML Outputs(Differential)(Vout): Min.:400; Typ.:800;Max:1200mVpp; AC coupled outputs
Output impedance(Differential)(Zout):Min.:85; Typ.:100;Max:115ohms
Rx_LOS Output Voltage-High: Min.:Vcc-0.5; Max:Vcc+0.3V; Io=400μA; Host Vcc
Rx_LOS Output Voltage-Low: Min.:0; Max:0.8; Io=-4.0mA
MOD_DEF (0:2):
    VoH; Min:2.5V with serial ID
    VoL;Min:0; Max:0.5V; with serial ID

Optical and electrical characteristics
9μ Core diameter SMF:typ.:3km; max:6km
Data rate: 1.25Gbps
Centre Wavelength: min:1270;typ:1310;max:1350nm
Spectral width:max:4nm;
Type B Average Output power: Min:-14;Max:-10dBm
Extintion ratio: Min:9dB
Rise/Fall time(20%-80%):Max:260ps
Total jitter: 0.26ns
Output Optical Eye: IUT-T G.957 Compliant
Data Input Swing Differential: Min.:500; Max:2000mV
Input Differential Impedance: Min:90;Typ.:100;Max:110Ω
TX Disable:
   Enable: min:0;max:0.8V
   Fault: min:2.0;Max:Vcc+0.3V
TX_Disable Assert Time:max:10

Centre Wavelength: min:1500;typ:1550;max:1580nm
Output differential impedance:min:90;typ:100;max:110Ω
Data output swing differential:min: 370;max:2000mV
Rise/Fall time: max:2.2ns
LOS De-Assert: max:-25dBm
LOS Assert: min:-42dBm
    High: min: 2.0; max:Vcc+0.3V
    Low: min:0;max:0.8V

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