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Video Balun-Screw terminal

Set Video Balun & passive PoE injector jack over UTP


for sending video and power voltage for cameras over UTP -4 pairs cables.
Price is for one pair ( one adapter has power jack 2.5/5.5mm mail for camera power in, one adapter has Jack female 2.5/5.5mm for power-in supply connection); 
power supply is not included (coltage can be 9V to 48Volt and current depends of the quality or UTP)
UTP101PV-HD is a single port passive analog HD video UTP balun which has been widely used in security system.The device can transfer signal of each HDCVI/AHD/HDTVI HD video, very low distorsion and no interference , from BNC connetor in real time over UTP Cat5/5e/6 cable together with the voltage to supply cameras ( pasive PoE );
this device is not for IP cameras


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9,97 EURO

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7,37 EURO

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Passive, requiring no power supply

Video streaming: HDTV HDCVI, AHD, Analog

Transmission power: 12-36Vcc / ac

Video transmission distance: up to 300m

Simple installation with BNC and RJ45

ESD protection and interference



1 channel video signal output and DC power

Voltage Input / Output 12-36Vcc (max. 12W)

Video coaxial connector BNC-M

UTP RJ45 connector

HDTV compatible formats, HDCVI, AHD, Analog

Bandwidth 0-70MHz

Dimensions: 65mm × 36mm × 23mm; Cable length: 60mm

Operating temperature 0-55 ℃


























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