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Donkey DL880

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Qihan - Donkey DL880

· 7pcs Infrared sensors for anti collision, of which 5pcs generate two signals each time, have anti collision effect as 12pcs infrared sensors.
· Attractive appearance, cover is IMD design.
· 500mL Big dustbin, easy to draw out from backside.
· Low noise, ≤45DB.
· Multiple clean mode: Spot Clean, Edge clean,Zigzag clean etc,strong cleaning ability.
· Function of testing front wheel speed, avoid stuck with wires or decline.
· Double filtration, easy to clean.
· Program has self testing function, easy for after sale maintanance.

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Donkey DL880Donkey DL880Donkey DL880Donkey DL880

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Robot Aspirator Qihan Donkey DL880

Multiple cleaning modes: auto clean, spot clean, edge clean, zigzag clean, and encircling clean
Working hours: up to 2 hours, cleaning area/time: 200m2
Anti-cliff, anti-collision, and anti-twining
Lithium battery: 2000mA
Low noise: <45dB
Dust box capacity: 500mL
Size: 35x35x7.8cm

Product size (mm): 350x78mm
Battery volume: 14.8V/2000mA  
Charge time: 4H
Working time: 100mins
Noise: ≤45dB
Gradeability: 1.5cm, ≤25°
Dust box capacity: 500mL
Remote controller: supported, 5-8m IR Distance
Auto recharge: supported
Cleaning modes: auto round clean,spot clean,edge clean,zigzag clean,and encircling clean 
Time reservation: can set up an appointment at anytime
Anti-collision: 7 infrared anti-collision sensors
Cleaning type: sweeping & suction & rolling & mopping type
Anti-cliff: 4 anti-cliff sensors
Dust filter: strainer & HEPA
Mopping function: supported
Display screen: yes

Host: 1
Charging base: 1
Adapter: 1
Remote control: 1
Brush: 2
Dishcloth: 2
Cleaning brush: 1
Filter net: 1
Manual: 1
Quick guide: 1
Warranty card: 1

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