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RJ11, RJ45 connectors, in-line couplers

  Description Price
C6S6RJ45Coupler FTP CAt 6 Braun Group - IFTPC6

In-line couplers RJ45 FTP cat6 (shielded)

EAN: 5949022109047

Price : 1.50 EURO
*) VAT not included1.785
Availability : Call
In-line couplers RJ45 FTP cat5Coupler FTP Cat5 Braun Group - IFTPC5

In-line couplers RJ45 FTP cat5 (shielded)

EAN: 5949022108989

Price : 1.30 EURO
*) VAT not included1.547
Availability : Call
In-line couplers RJ45 UTP cat5Coupler UTP Braun Group - IUTPC5

In-line couplers RJ45 UTP cat5 (unshielded)

Also in blank Patch Panel version.

EAN: 5949022108972

Price : 0.90 EURO
*) VAT not included1.071
Availability : Call
Conector RJ45 FTP cat6Connector RJ45 FTP cat6 Braun Group - RJ45FTPcat6

Connector RJ45 FTP cat6, 8P8C Modular Plug, FTP cat6

EAN: 5949022108729


Price : 0.18 EURO
*) VAT not included0.2142
Availability : Call
Conector RJ45 UTP cat6Connector RJ45 UTP cat6 Braun Group - RJ45UTPcat6

RJ45 UTP Connector cat6, 8P8C Modular Plug (round cable), UTP cat6

EAN: 5949022108712


Price : 0.06 EURO
*) VAT not included0.0714
Availability : Call
Cable boots Braun Group RJ45BOOTCable boots Braun Group - RJ45BOOT

Cable boots ( as many color as possible)


Price : 0.04 EURO
*) VAT not included0.0476
Availability : Call
Braun Group RJ45FTP Shielded ConnectorRJ45 Shielded Connector FTP cat5e Braun Group - RJ45FTPcat5e

FTP cat.5 8P8C Modular Plug, round cable

EAN: 5949022108897

Price : 0.07 EURO
*) VAT not included0.0833
Availability : Call
Braun Group RJ45 ConnectorRJ45 UTP Connector Cat5e Braun Group - RJ45UTPcat5e

UTP Cat5e connector 8P8C ( round cable)

EAN: 5949022108903

Price : 0.04 EURO
*) VAT not included0.0476
Availability : Call
Braun Group RJ12 RJ12 ConnectorRJ12 Connector Braun Group - RJ12

6P4C Modular Plug


Price : 0.03 EURO
*) VAT not included0.0357
Availability : Call
Prices do not include VAT
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