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QAM modulator for IP channels

Wellav - SMP-316-00

EDGE QAM modulator for 256 IP inputs, 8 RF QAM outputs

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SMP316 EDGE QAM Modulator

       SMP316 is a distribution EdgeQAM which helps pay-TV operators receive up to 320 SPTS/MPTS streams over IP, re-multiplex and scramble them with DVB-simulcrypt CAS and output in 8/16/32 non-adjacent QAM frequencies.
       SMP316 supports non-adjacent modulation, helping customers easily insert their content without reconfiguring the existing QAM frequencies. SMP316 can further upgrade to support 32 QAM frequencies and 256 SPTS/MPTS as well asscrambling to meet future demands.


  • Up to 320 STPS/MPTS over IP input and 268 output(optional)
  • Supports FEC and IGMP V2/3
  • Supports DVB and ATSC standards( ITU-T J.83 A/C/B, DOCSIS, DRFI)
  • Up to 16 non-adjacent QAM output (expandable to 32 non-adjacent QAM without scrambling)
  • Excellent modulation feature with MER>43dB
  • Supports DVB-simulcrypt CAS de-scrambling
  • Re-multiplexing(EPG/EIT re-multiplexing is optional) and grooming
  • Supports audio and auxiliary data pass-through(AC3, CC, Teletext, etc)
  • Easy management via Web-UI or SNMP
  • Low power consumption and high reliability with MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure)> 100,000 Hours


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