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Performer 968DA++

Performer 968DA++ 3 in 1 soldering Rework Station

Performer - Performer 968DA++

Soldering station, not include solder wire, Output Power: 720W, Soldering Iron Temperature range: 200-480°C, Gun Temperature range: 100-480°C

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Performer 968DA++



1. LED display air gun and iron work temperature, function indicates at a glance and nice.

2. It adopts more powerful, more stable performance of the Samsung CPU.

3. It adopts PID precision temperature control algorithm, the temperature fluctuation range of ≤ ± 1 °C.

4. Air gun has automatic / manual function:When choosing the automatic function .

5. Soldering iron has smoke absorbed function. Smoke generated by soldering iron was immediately sucked away, after a dust-sheet absorption, filtration, this function is to achieve air purification effect, to bring users healthy, environmentally friendly work environment, no longer have to worry about the smoke produced for the use of soldering iron

6. High temperature automatic protection .

7. Airflow :28L/min, by the strong pressure of the pump as the air source,long life.

8. The machine part of the device has a self-test function, the whole intelligent over-temperature, short circuit, open circuit, overload, fault indication and protection functions.

9, The air gun steel tube use stainless steel tube, the air gun handle lines and soldering iron handle lines are silicone wire, high temperature, you can use for a long time.

10. All functions data setting is automatically saved, without duplication.

11. 3 in 1 repairing station the combines Hot Air Rework Gun with a Soldering Iron and a Smoke Absorber


Technical Data:
Power consumption: 720W
Soldering Iron Temperature range: 200-480°C
Gun Temperature range: 100-480°C
Gun heater material: Nickel-alloys
Gun heater resistance: 90Ω
Soldering Iron Type: Black Handle
Soldering Iron Heater material: Imported heater
Gun type: Diaphragm pump  

Airflow: 28L/min

What's in the box: 
* main unit + gun + power cord 
* guide 
* soldering iron handle with smoke absorber
* soldering iron holder +gun frame+clean sponge

* 4 nozzles+ 5pcs somke absorber sponge




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