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Alinco DJ-S45CQL PMR handheld transceiver

PMR handheld transceiver

Alinco - DJ-S45CQL

446MHz/PMR and 433-435MHz/LPD mini handheld transceiver, 100 mem, 500mW/PMR, 10mW/LPD, 2xAA/EBP-60Li-Ion/6VDC

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Alinco DJ-S45CQL/CQS - UHF License-Free Handheld Transceiver
This new UHF handheld transceiver packs a lot of performance into a rugged polycarbonate body. Designed to resist water, dust and dirt, the DJ-S45CQL/CQS features clear, crisp audio with a choice of high-performance long whip antenna or a super-short antenna where portability comes first.
Capable of operating both PMR446 and LPD*, the DJ-S45CQL(long antenna)/CQS(short antenna) are perfect for any application where a short-range communication is necessary; at home as a wireless interphone, in a theme-park or a shopping mall, for business, in factory, for ski or sky sports, hunting, fishing, where you need to talk to someone, DJ-S45CQ is an ideal replacement to a costly cell-phone (No need to dial the numbers either!).

* LPD mode is available only where permitted. PMR-only version is also available.
 • Rugged, polycarbonate design resists rain, dirt and dust
 • 100 memories, programmable freely both PMR and LPD setting
 • Cable cloning and Computer-programmable with free software downloadable from Alinco website (with optional ERW-4C cable)
 • Choice of high-performance antenna (CQL) or ultra-compact antenna (CQS)
 • Works with 2 AA cells yet powerful legal-limit TX output and clear, crisp 200mW Audio output
 • Compact size 57W x 98H x 29.7D mm (w/o projections: antenna length / CQL 158mm, CQS 32mm)
 • Weight less than 170g inclusive of 2 AA alkaline cells and antenna
 • 3 types of Scan functions (VFO, Memory, Tone) with timed/busy settings
 • 39 CTCSS tones and 3 different Tone Burst Tones
 • Simple and easy-to-use interface and Back-lit, Easy-to-Read LCD screen with "Channel number only" display mode, suitable for commercial-applications.
 • Includes Auto-Power-OFF, Busy-Channel-Lockout, Time-Out-Timer, Battery Saver, Tone Call and Bell (pager)
 • Mic/SP/EXT-DC ports

Standard Accessories:
 • Belt Clip and Hand-strap
 Frequency Range/ [LPD(VFO) mode]
  TX: 433.06000~434.78000 MHz
  RX: 433.06000~434.78000 MHz

[PRM mode]
  TX: 446.00625~446.09375 MHz
  RX: 446.00625~446.09375 MHz
 Modulation F3E
 Antenna Impedance 50Ω
 Supply Voltage 3.0-6.0 VDC (DC-Jack), 2xAA Batteries, Li-ion pack
 Current (approx.) [Transmit]
 [LPD(VFO) mode] : 0.20A
 [PMR mode] : 0.45A

[Receive] : 60mA st-by
 Frequency stability ± 5ppm
 Dimensions 57(W)x98(H)x27.9(D)mm Projecsions exclusive
 Weight (approx.) [DJ-S45CQS] - 164g (2xAA batteries inclusive)
[DJ-S45CQL] - 170g (2xAA batteries inclusive)
 Power Output (DC6.0V)(approx.) [LPD(VFO) mode] : 10mW
[PMR mode] : 500mW
 Modulation Variable Rectance
 Max. Deviation ±2.5kHz
 Spurious Emission 250nW or less
 Mic. Impedance (approx.) 2kΩ
 System FM: Double-conversion super heterodyne
 Intermediate Freq. FM: 1st 21.7MHz, 2nd 450kHz
 Sensitivity -15dBu or less (12dB SINAD)
Selectivity FM
 -6dB: 6kHz or over
 -60dB: 14kHz or less
 AF Output 180mW or over (MAX)
150mW or over (10% Distorsion Factor 8Ω)
 Spurious response 2nW or less
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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