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nextraCOM NX-SP-215A CATV outdoor splitter

Outdoor CATV splitter

nextraCOM - NX-SP-215A

2 output splitter, 15A remote power and 5/8" connectors on all paths - wide body, 5-1000MHz, IN-OUT 4,3dB

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NextraCOM SP-x15A Series field splitter (over-current)

SP-x15A and TAx-xx series field water-proof current splitter and tap is passive distribution transmission device with high quality, the main performance index is similar to indoor one, and is suitable to 5~1000MHZ bi-directional transmission network.

SP-x15A and TAx-xx series field water-proof current splitter and tap adopt high performance water-proof cast Aluminum housing and 5/8" standard cable interface; On the other hand, it adds the over-current function more than 6A. It is suitable for signal
distribution and line feed of field route.

One tap, two tap, two splitter and three splitter are all over-current, others are main-port current.

Item Unit Performance parameter
SP-215A SP-315A
5~65 MHz dB ≤ 4.5 ≤ 7.5
65~550MHz dB ≤ 4.2 ≤ 6.8
550~750MHz dB ≤ 4.9 ≤ 7.2
750~1000MHz dB ≤ 5.5 ≤ 7.9
5~65 MHz dB ≥20
65~550MHz dB ≥ 22
550~750MHz dB ≥ 22
750~1000MHz dB ≥ 22
Reflecting loss 5~1000 MHz dB  ≥ 16
Shielding attenuation dB  ≥ 100
Signal to hum ratio dB ≥ 66
Port over-current capability A 6
Voltage pass V 60 (50Hz)
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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