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 » Outdoor waterproof optical receivers (without return path)

Maiwei MW2002(OR) optical receiver

Optical receiver

Braun_Group - MW2002(OR)

1290-1600nm, Philips module optical receiver -7dBm, SC/APC connector, 2 RF outputs (1 hybrid) 45-860MHz RF level 102dBmV, switching power supply 100-240V or remote power supply 30-90VAC

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Maiwei MW-2002(OR) - Optical Node

   Optical Node MW-2002(OR) series is a low price, high performance fiber node with one or two RF output (one hybrid for 1 or 2 output ports). It is widely used at node locations of a fiber optic link to convert the optical signal back to RF signal for distribution in the CATV cable plant.
 • 45~862MHz two-way broadband platform
 • Plug-in slope control circuit, optional split frequency
 • Up-stream upgradeable (with reverse transmitting path)
 • Optional Reverse Transmitting pad, easy upgrading.
 • Philips receiving module, superior reliability and performance
 • One GaAs (or Si) hybrids for post-stage amplifier use, with high output level (>100dBuV for 1 output port)
 • One or two RF output ports optional
 • With separate 5~200MHz up-stream
 • Optical power monitoring and high input power alarming
 • High efficiency Switch mode power supply
 • Easy maintenance, with -20dB test point, LED display for optical power indication.
  Optical Characteristic
 Optical Wave length 1290nm ~ 1600nm
 Optical Return Loss > 45 dB
 Response of Receive Module 0.85A/W (1310nm typical)
 Max Optical Input Power 2mW(3dBm)
Fiber Type Single Mode (9/125µm)
 Fiber Connector FC/APC or SC/APC
 Return-path Optical output power 1mw/2mw
 Return-path Laser Module Type FP/DFB
 Return-path Optical Wavelength 1310±40nm
 Return-path RF Band 5 ~ 200 MHz
 Return-path Optical Link Flatness ±0.75dB
 Optical Receiver Power Monitor Voltage 1V/mV
 Optical Transmitter Power Monitor Voltage 1V/mV
 Optical Transmitter Bias Current Monitor Voltage 0.03V/mA
  RF Characteristics
 Pass-band 5-860MHz, 5-750MHz
 RF Flatness Forward: ±0.75dB
RF Return Loss Forward
     ≥16dB (fH-550MHz)
     ≥14dB (550-860MHz)
     ≥14dB (5-200MHz)
 Diplex Frequency (fL/fH) 30/46MHz, 42/54MHz, 55/70MHz, 65/85 MHz
 Output Level 103dBuV (0dBm Optical Power Input)
 Optical Link specification
C/N ≥ 51dB @59channel PAL-D Carrier, Standard Optical Transmitter, -1dBm Optical power Receiving Output Level (10KM fiber loss & optical attenuator)
C/CTB ≥65dB
C/CSO≥ 60dB
 Test Point -20dB
 Gain Adjustment 0 ~ 10 dB continuous adjustable
 Return Path RF Gain ≥ 18dB(24dB Gain amplifier module)
 RF Connector F connector or 5/8"female
 DC Power Voltage 60V(35-90VAC)
 AC Power Voltage 220V(100-240VAC)
 Power Consumption ≤30W
  General Specification
 Dimension (L x W x H) 240mm x 195mm x 111mm
 Weight ≤2kg
 Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +70°C
 Operating Temperature -25°C ~ +55°C
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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