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 » Enclosere pentru sudura fibra optica (FOSC)

Braun Group GPJ-02VM  Optical Fiber Closure, case type

Optical fiber Closure, case type

Braun Group - GPJ-02VM/GPJM-12

Outdoor Optical fiber Closure, case type, waterproof, 12 splices, 2 inputs

 Dimensions 280x200x90mm, weight 1200-1500gr, working temperature -40C la +65C 


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Braun Group GPJ-02VM Optical Fiber Closure, case typeBraun Group GPJ-02VM  Optical Fiber Closure, case typeBraun Group GPJ-02VM  Optical Fiber Closure, case type

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GPJ-02VM - Cutie de jonctiuni optice tip caseta pt exterior etansa 12 suduri, 2 intrari
Product details
The outline of GPJ-02VM is in arc and vertical shape. Till now, it is the smallest in the market and the installation of it is also the most convenient---the cover and bottom is sealed with 5 pieces of stainless bolts and fiber cables can be inserted and sealed by tightening 2 pieces of plastic screw nuts. The FOSC is suitable for protecting splices of 2-4 fiber cabes with the diameter max. φ14mm. It can also be used aerially and in the way of wall-mounting. Fiber cables can be fixed fast and firmly and there is an extremely big space for entwining and placing the fiber cables. Moreover, the opening angle of the matched FOST can reach above 90°, so it is easy and fast to add and reduce the FOSTs. The high-quality elastic integrated seal fitting make it very convenient to add and maintain fiber cables, and re-open the FOSC. If required, earth deriving device can be installed on the housing of the FOSC, which can be used to derive the metal components of the fiber cables in the FOSC onto the earth.

The seal fitting used in the GPJ-02VM FOSC, which is developed by our company and injection-molded from high-quality elastic sealing material by mold and numerical control equipment, is installed between the cover and the bottom. It can shrink and expand automatically under the temperature between -40°C and +65°C in natural environment, which ensure that the FOSC will be sealed for a long time, can also be re-opened, re-used and keep a perfect sealed situation, and solve such problems in the construction as expanding capacity and maintaining the FOSC

The plastic part of the FOSC is made of high-strength PC engineering plastic, which is injection-molded by numerical control equipments, so that it can efficiently prevent products from aging caused by coldness, heat, oxygen and ultraviolet radiation, and have a perfect strength. The strong cover and the main parts of the FOSC are fireproof, waterproof and quakeproof. Moreover, they can protect fiber cable splices from pulling, distorting and striking, and can be used for a long time under the temperature between -40°C and +65°C in natural environment.

Cutie jonctiune optica tip caseta Splicing Tray FOST 002, 003 are designed into SLIDE-IN-LOCK shape, whose opening angle is above 90°. The semi-diameter which fiber can twist into has absolutely reached international standard. It is very easy and convenient to install the heat-shrinkable sleeves, entwine fibers, expand the capacity and maintain it. Capacity of FOST 003 that can be matched is 12-24 cores. It is better for customers to choose the model and quantity of FOSTs and the amount of heat-shrinkable protective sleeves according to the capacity of FOSC to be ordered (Note: each bunchy fiber only has one core after fusion splicing, so one piece of bunchy heat-shrinkable protective sleeve has to be matched).

Model Dimension No.s of ports Unit Fiber Optic Splice Tray (FOST) (Including heat-shrinkable protective sleeve) Max. Capacity
GPJ-02VM Length: 280
Width: 200
Height: 90
Max.4 ports Set FOST with 6-12 cores (1-4 pieces of FOST 002) 24-48

1. GPJ-02VM is provided with one set of fixing device, which allows 3 fiber cables to pass----one fiber cable with diameter max. φ16mm and 2 fiber cables with diameter φ11mm. If required, we could also provide one set of fixing device which allows 4 fiber cables (the diameter of 4 cables are all φ11mm) to pass and another set of fixing device which allows 2 fiber cables (the diameter of 2 cables are all φ14mm) to pass.
2. GPJ-02VM can be placed aerially and used in the way of wall-mounting. It is better for customers to indicate the way of installation, so that we can provide you the best configuration.
3. The installation accessories provided by ADTGPJM are: seal tape, hanging hoop or wall-mounting fixer, abrasive cloth, earth wire, nylon tie, labeling paper and desiccant (please refer to the Accessories List).
4. Other installation accessories for customers' selection: buffer tube for fiber, earth deriving device, hanging hoop or wall-mounting fixer (please refer to the Accessories List).
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