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Optical PON Power Meter 1310/1490/1550nm

Braun Group - AOF500 PONmeter

Also can be used for testing MC or SFP 1310/1490/1550nm, by inserting between the two SFP
verify the continuity and evaluate fiber link transmission quality in EPON/ GPON networks
FEATURES: (fiber in / fiber out)
●Automated PASS/FAIL assessment
●Quick and efficient visual inspection
●Providing distinct power values for 1310 nm,1490 nm and 1550 nm
●Pass through measurement
●Simultaneously measure and display the concurrent voice, data and video signals on different PON architectures
●Manual calibration

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Model AOF500
Measurement Range(dBm) 1310 nm: +10 ~ - 40 dBm/1490 nm: +10 ~ - 50 dBm/1550 nm: +25 ~ - 50 dBm
Pass Through Loss < 1.5 dB
Accuracy * ±0.2 dB(burst signal:±0.5dB)
Threshold sets 10
Data Storage 100
Connector SC/PC ( or customize )
Auto Power Off No operation in 10 minutes (can be canceled), Low battery energy
Battery Charge Yes
Connect To PC Optional function
Manual Calibration Yes
Operate Time Above 36 hours
Power Supply 3* AA batteries or AC/DC power supply adapter

* at 20±3℃ , with SC/PC connector, -10dBm


Size(H*W*D) 190mm *90mm * 40mm
Weight about 450g
Storage Temperature -20 -- +60℃ , < 90%RH
Operating Temperature -10 -- +50℃ , < 90%RH
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