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Network Cable Tester - NF8108

Network Tester cat6/5E TDR-reflectometer

Braun Group - NF-8108

TDR Network Cable LENGHT Tester - (  NF-8108 -retail pack)
TDR- (Time Domain Reflectometer) with LCD display ( display simultaniuously  the state of all 4 pairs)
Cable Tester, for twisted pairs cables & patch cords RJ45-RJ45,
using advanced tehnology TDR- (Time Domain Reflectometer ) to locate the distance to the trouble location.    Power : 1.5V x 4pcs
Features: 1. Measure network cable length and determine the distance of open and short circuit. ( up to 300mt)
2. Check wiring error in 5E, 6E, coaxial cable, such as open circuit,short circuit, jumper wire, reverse connection .
3. Portable unit with long battery life (wait-case 50 hours).
4. Automatically time-delay shut off.
5. Self-checking and automatically compensate any change in battery capacity or ambient temperature.
6. Automatically time-delay shut off.


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Network Cable Tester - NF8108Network Cable Tester - NF8108Network Cable Tester - NF8108Network Cable Tester - NF8108
Network Cable Tester - NF8108

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LCD Cable length&  Tester, RJ45-RJ45
1) One person enough to complete cable continuity check
2) Checks wiring error in 5E, 6E, coaxial and telephone line
3) Such as open circuit, short circuit, jumper wire, reverse connection or cross-talk interference
4) Locates the wiring or connection error
5) Measures cable length and determines the distance of open circuit and short circuit
6) Dynamically calibrates cable length and makes length measurement as accurate as 97%
7) Simple and easy use, big screen to display test clear
8) Portable unit with long battery life (wait-case 50 hours)
9) Automatically time-delay shut off
10) Measures length and pair with or without far-end recognizer
11) Locates cable and there are 8 far-end passive test jacks (ID no.: ID1 - ID 8)
12) Far-end recognize with prompting voice
13) Self-checking function and automatically compensates any change in battery capacity or ambient temperature
14) Single board computer software watchdog design and reliable operating

Technical indexes:

NF-8108 Transmitter specifications:
LCD diplay: 53x25 mm
Tone frequency: 225 Hz
Max. distance of cable map  300m
Max. working current < 70mA

Battery Type: DC 4 pcs *1.5v
Compatible connectors: RJ45
Low battery display: LCD ( 6.5V)
Voltage protection: AC 60V/DC 42V

Dimension(LxWxD) 184x84x46mm

NF-8108 Remote unit specifications:
Compatible connectors = RJ45
Dimension (LxWxD) 78x33x22mm

Nota: Ptr aparatele ce permit masurarea distantelor pe fir, aceasta masuratoare este pur informativa, putand exista diferente semificative fata de lungimea reala.

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