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Network Tester NF-8601

Braun Group - NF-8601

NF-8601 Network Cable Tester: cat5, cat6, coaxial, telephone, POE function (decodes voltage pins on them and voltage value), PING test, Wiremap, identifies short-circuit, interrupted or cross-connection cables, crosstalk test (distance = 20-2000m), Capacitive method, 3% measuring precision, calibration for a particular type of cable, calibration cable length over 10m (up to 9 calibrations can be saved), precisely locates the position where the cable is interrupted or shorted, tracing function (new), cable tension detector (50V-1000V), 2.8 "LCD display, memory function, data import/automatic rechargeable battery, rechargeable Lithium 3,7V/1,8A battery, battery alarm, operating temperature -10 + 60 degrees Celsius, humidity 20% -70%


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