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Multifunctional Network Tester NF-889

Braun Group - NF-889

Network cable tester UTP/FTP,  RJ45, RJ11


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NF-889 - Multifunctional Network Cable Tester
Port : RJ45, Cable clip with RJ11 connector
Tracing Type : UTP/STP RJ45, RJ11 and Metal Cable
Testing Type: Shielded and unshielded RJ45 (8P8C)
Power : 9V Alkaline battery


  1. Check and find the needed cables among so many cables in one time.
  2. Continuity test — wiremap for Lan cables.
  3. Diagnose the breakage, open, short, cross.
  4. Visible indication: pin-to-pin cable map for individual cable (not by pairs).
  5. Transmitter with RJ11 connector and pair of alligator clips.
  6. Low Voltage alarm function.
  7. Earphone permits use in noisy environments.
  8. LED light assists use in dark corners.
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