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Braun Group NF-308 Network Tester

Multifunctional Network Tester NF-308

Braun Group - NF-308

Set: Wire Faoult Locator NF-308
Network cable tester UTP/FTP, Coaxial cables , connectors: RJ45, RJ11, RJ12, BNC,
Metal cable Tracking


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Braun Group NF-308 Network TesterBraun Group NF-308 Network TesterBraun Group NF-308 Network TesterBraun Group NF-308 Network Tester
Braun Group NF-308 Network Tester

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NF-308 - Multifunctional Network Cable Tester
Port : RJ45, RJ11, BNC
Wiremap Type: RJ45, BNC Cable
Tracking Type : RJ45, RJ11, BNC and Metal Cable
Other Function : LED Flash and Loud Speaker
Power : 9V Alkaline battery
1. Directly hunt 5E, 6E, telephone wire, coaxial cable and other cables.
2. Check wiring error in 5E, 6E, coaxial cable, such as open circuit,short circuit, jumper wire, reverse connection.
3. Locate the wiring or connection error.
4. Measure cable length and determine the distance of open circuit and short circuit.
5. Automatically time-delay shut off and backlight display function.
6. Single board computer software watchdog design and reliable operation.
7. Verify RJ45 and BNC conductors.
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