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 » LINE interactive UPS

Micro 1000LCD

MicroPower 1000VA LCD -Display interactive UPS

Braun Group - Micro 1000LCD

Line Interactive UPS 1kVA BRAUN GROUP MicroPower LCD Max Power 1000VA LCD Display, stabilizer, 4* Shucko sockets,  230V/50Hz; with 2 internal battery, 4 x Shucko sockets; black color



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MicroPower Micro-1000VA LCD -Display Schuko *4




-AVR Boost and Buck: automatically corrects either under-voltage or over-voltage condition without unnecessary battery drain and extend the life of the battery

-Cold Start Function: aids users to turn on the UPS without connecting the Utility.

-Smart RS232/USB Interface for Power Management:supports real-time power and UPS status monitoring.Automatic shutdown,schedule and many other advance power management functions. The RS232 & USB ports of 1.21WA up can be enabled simultaneously

-Built-in Self-diagnostic Function: may execute automatically upon power-on or software-control

-Modem/LAN Internet Protection: protects the Modem/LAN against spike or surge coming through network or telephone wires

-Compatible with Generator Set: micropower series supports wide range input voltage to fit with various generator sets.





VA Rating : 1000VA

Real Power Rating : 600W


Voltage: 110/120 or 220/230/240VAC

Voltage Range: 81-145 VAC / 162-290 VAC

Frequency: 50/60Hz auto sensing


AC Voltage Regulation (Batt.Mode): ±10%

Frequency Range (Batt.Mode): 60Hz or 50Hz  ±1Hz

Transfer Time:  Typical 2-6ms, 10ms max.

Wavefom: Simulated Sine Wave

Battery Type&Number: 12V/7AHx2

Recharge: 90% Capacity after 4 to 6 Hours


Display: LCD


Full Protection: overload and overcharge protection


Batt. Mode: sounding every 10 seconds

Low Batt.: sounding every second

Overload: sounding every 0.5 seconds

Batt. Replacement Alarm: sounding every 2 seconds

Fault: continuously sounding


Dimension: 149.3x162x338

Net Weight: 7.80Kg



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