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 » Tele-Fonika Single mode optical fiber cable

Cross section of 6x4  fiber optic cable

LTC-RP 48 fibers 4x12 4kN Multitube optical fiber cable

Tele-Fonika - LTC-RP-48F-4kN

MULTI TUBE optical fiber cable G652D, (Loose tube gel filled), metalfree, UV protection, rodent protection. 48 fibres (4x12). Diam: 11,5mm, Weight 115kg/km; pulling tension: 2000/4000N; min radius: 230mm, reel lenghts: 4km

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LTC-RP 4kN  - non-metallic, duct, reinforced fiber optic cable


  • fully dielectric
  • resistant to electromagnetic interferences
  • resistant to longitudinal water penetration
  • can be installed in the proximity to electric installation
  • easy to install


Cables are designated for transmission of digital and analogue signals within the whole optical bandwidth.
They are prepared for making fast connection between optoelectronics devices, laying in cable ducts, use in places with high risk of rodents attack.

Sectiune prin cablu fibra optica 6x4

Cable construction:

1. Optical fibres
2. Loose tube
3. Central element non-metallic
4. Dry seal
5. Reinforcement
6. Outer sheath
7. Rip-cord

Construction Properties ( Type / Material / Dimension )
Fibres ITU-T G.652D
Identification of fibers Red , Green, Yellow, Blue, Brown, White, Violet, Black, Grey, Orange, Turquoise, Pink,

Identification of tubes

Tubes: Red , Green, Yellow, Blue, Brown, White, Violet, Black,
Filler : black (when needed)

Central support member Straight rod Fibre Reinforced Plastic Φ2,3 or 2,5 mm
PE oversheath on central support member Black 


HDPE  Φ 3,5 mm for 8 elements cable
Secondary coating

loose tube - thermoplastic material,
containing 4, 6, 8 or 12 fibres,

PBT  Φ 2,1 mm approx.
Filling of the tube gel Thixotropic gel  
Interstitial waterblocking Dry sealed Swelling tape thickness: 0,20mm (approx.)
Reinforcement Dielectric yarn  Glass yarns 35 g/m 
Outer sheath Black

extruded HDPE polymer
density  ≥0,945 g/cm3

thickness: minimum spot


Attenuation @1310nm

≤ 0,4 dB/km *)

Attenuation @1550nm

 0,25 dB/km *)

*) Max attenuation for SMF in cable - other parameters of the fiber according to the attached specifications

 Construction characteristics Properties
Water penetration IEC 60794-1-2-F5B Sample 1m, water head 1m, 24 hours
Temperature range

- transport/storage -40/+70 °C
- installation -15/+60 °C
- operation -40/+70 °C

Outer diameter of tube (mm)

2,1 mm

No. of elements in a cable (tubes/filers)

Cable Outer diameter 11,5 ± 0,2 mm

Cable weigth

115 kg/km
Mechanical properties
Max. tensile load during installation 4000 N
Max. tensile load during operation 2000 N
Min. bending radius during installation 175 mm
Min. bending radius during operation 230 mm
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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