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 » Outdoor waterproof cabinets for networking and devices/Street cabinets IP55/IP66

Braun Group CB 1090 Outdoor Closure

IP55 Outdoor Closure

Braun Group - CB 1090

Metal Outdoor Closure 2.5mm, waterproof, protection degree IP55.  - SPCC



155.00 EURO

*) VAT not included
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ATENTIE !!! - expedierea acestor produse prin curier se face doar pe raspunderea clientului, exista riscul deteriorarii sale in timpul transportului

Braun Group CB 1090 - OUTDOOR IP55 cabinet

 • Easy for inserting mounting board
 • Door coated with high-flexible PU material, possess excellent seal performance
 • Protection Category: IP55
 • Cabinet doors made of stretched cold roll SPCC steel, cabinet body soldered with cold roll SPCC
 • Firm structure, with earthing point on door and cabinet body

   Dimensions: 600x250x1000
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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