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High Bay LED

  Description Price
High bay light 60W LEDHigh bay light 60W LED Braun Group - BZ60-TD412-60W

60Watt -High Bay ( reflector transparent), power LED matrix 60W, alimentare 85-265Vac, pentru hale/ depozite, WW ( lumina calda 4000k), indoor, sursa  comutatie, consum masurat 64Watt la 220V, 50.000ore, 540 lumen

Price : 67.90 EURO
*) VAT not included80.80076101892
Availability : Call
High bay light 80W LEDHigh bay light 80W LED Braun Group - BZ80-TD405-80W

80Watt -High Bay ( reflector aluminiu), power LED matrix 830W, alimentare 85-265Vac, pentru hale/ depozite, WW ( lumina calda 4000k), indoor  sursa in comutatie, consum masurat 86Watt la 220V. 50.000ore, 720lumen

Price : 85.57 EURO
*) VAT not included101.83109607864
Availability : Call
high bay 30 Watt testing line .jpgHigh bay light 30W LED Braun Group - BZ30-TD409-30W

LED High Bay reflector, LED matrix 30Watt, 3000 lumen, 50,000 h, 85V-265V a.c.
Braun Group EAN : 5949022106619

Price : 40.93 EURO
*) VAT not included48.701828559349
Availability : Call
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