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FTTH drop cable 4 fibres G652D LSZH

Braun Group - FTTH DROP GJXFH-4B1

GJXFH-4B1 FTTH outdoor drop cable, LSZH jacket, fast connect without splicing, 2 FRP strength members, 4 fibers G652D, cable diam: 3,0x2mm, weight: 9,8kg/km, pulling tension: 100N, 
without self supporting messneger; white color

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FTTH outdoor drop cable 4 fibers G652D

This cable utilizes two parallel non-metallic strength members protected optical fiber unit, and with a LSZH jacket.

Used in indoor cabling;
Used as drop cable.

Compact and light weight, low purchasing and construction costs;
Easy connect without splicing, fast and convenient;
Excellent tensile and crush performance, the span distance for self-support type can be up to 50 meters;
Non-metallic strength member is Kevlar fiber reinforced plastic known as K-FRP;
Soft and flexible, good bending performance;
Flame retardant LSZH jacket meets relevant fire protection requirements in indoor environment;
High carbon steel messenger wire enables the self-support type has excellent tensile strength.

Technical Parameters (Typical Values):
Fiber count 4
Dimension (mm) 3.0x2.0
Tensile strength Short Term (N) 100N
Tensile strength Long Term (N) 50N
Crush Short Term (N/100m) 1000
Crush Long Term (N/100m) 500
Min Bending Radius Dynamic (mm) 60
Min Bending Radius Static (mm) 30
Cable Weight (kg/km) 9.8
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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