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Komida BK-9108A DVR capture card

DVR capture card

Komida - BK-9108A

DVR capture card, chipset Philips SAA7134HL, Video Inputs: 8 channels, Audio Inputs: 8 channel, Display and Recording rate: 240fps(NTSC), 200fps (PAL), Display Resolution: 704x576(PAL), 640x480(NTSC), Compression format: MPEG4/H.264, OS: Windows 2000/XP

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KOMIDA BK-9108A - DVR Card
 • Adopt advanced MPEG-4 / H264 compression technology to realize real time recording;
 • Adopt advanced PHILIPS SAA7134HL Video decode chipset
 • With 9 bit ADC (better than other hardware and software card with 8 bit )
 • With Little occupation of CPU resource & HDD size
 • Install easily and friendly interface, No train needed for user
 • Compression: H.264
 • Video/Audio Input: 8 channels Video Input / 8 channels Audio Input
 • Frame rate: 200fps/second(PAL); 240fps/second(NTSC)
 • Display Resolution: 704*576(PAL); 640*480(NTSC)
 • Recording Resolution: 352*288(PAL); 320*240(NTSC)
 • HDD: 60~130M/CH/hour
 • Network: TCP/IP
 • OS: Windows 2000/XP
 • Support multi cards up to 3 cards; Support multi areas & motion sensitive level
 • Support all kinds of PTZ ,High speed dome , multi protocol compatible
 • Support multi pictures & arithmetic to choose, better system resource utilize
 • Support 16CH alarm input; 8CH alarm output (optional) and alarm activate recording
 • Support frame rate optional: 1-25fps(PAL)/1-30fps(NTSC)
 • Recording output format - audio and video compression ; audio or video compression
 • Support static pictures capture
 • user account administration and detailed login log
 • Flexible video display; Privacy zone mask
 • Playback easily; Design for Low Power Consumption, low heat dispensing
 • Free software upgrade
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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