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CATV trunk-line-distribution amplifier

Braun_Group - MW-EM-860

High-performance 60 VAC / 200VAC line amplifier, 15W consumption, direct path: 85-860MHz, 2x30dB (1 Philips hybrid), tilt adjustment 2-22dB, 0-10dB attenuator adjustment, reverse-side, Al enclosure , F or 5/8 "connectors, -40 +60 degrees, 2 OUT -20dB

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MW-EM-860-R(20) - E(M) series 860MHz LINE DISTRIBUTION
   MW series of 860 MHz Line Distribution are typically deployed in the feeder or tapped portion of the RF network. Configurable as either a single or dual output device, these amplifiers provide a flexible, cost effective product platform, and are readily adaptable towide-ranging design application.
   MW series of 860 MHz Line Distribution are available in multiple fixed gain versions and are ideally suited for new build and rebuild cons truction. They are gain-targeted and specifications-targeted for direct drop-in retrofit in 860 MHz transitional upgrades. All 860MHz active electronics offer improved performance, realiability and accessibility.MW series of 860 MHz Line Distributionhave two separate test ports for forward and return RF signal. The second output port optional
  * Enhanced performance via advanced hybrid technology
* The second output port optional
* Adaptable to wide-ranging plant characteristics
* Flexible system design application
* RF input level adjustable
* Improved test port level accuracy
* Eliminates material/labor costs associated with external passive installation
* Minimizes plug-in accessory inventory requirements
* Separate forward and return output test port
* Simple set-up
  • 860MHHz platform
  • Standard four port two output housing
  • Anti-corrosive housing coating
  • Advanced hybrid technology
  • High reliability: design simplicity, waterproof, large heat sink surface, low power consumption
  • High performance: high return loss, low noise, small flatness, low distortion
  • Easy maintenance: plug-in hybrid, compatibility with different passband
  • Optional hybrids: push-pull, power double
  • -20 dB output directional coupler test port
  • Optional split outputs
  • RF input level adjustable
  • Variable equalizer to input frequency slope
  • Variable Attenuation for forward path
Output Ports   1 or 2 (optional)
Output Test Ports   1 or 0 (optional)
Split Frequency   optional (one-way or two-way)
Passband MHz ~862 (optional)
Frequency Response dB ≤ ± 0.75
Operational Gain dB 26 30 18
Minimum Full Gain dB 28 31 20
Gain Adjusting Range dB 0 ~ -10 (1dB/step plug-in )
(optional for fixed or variable)
Slope Adjusting Range dB 3~-21 ( 1.5dB/step plug-in )
(optional for fixed or variable)
Return Loss dB -16
Noise Figure dB 8
Test Port Type (optional) dB Directional Coupler
Test Port Level (optional) dB -20
Test Port Accuracy dB ±0.5
Reference Channel Loading   PAL B/G or PAL D/K channels upto 550/750/860MHz
Operational Input Level dBmV 12
Operational Output Level dBmV 12 + Operational Gain
Composite Second Order * dBc -62 -60 -72
Composite Tripe Beat * dBc -64 -62 -86
Hum Modulation dB ≥60
AC Input Range VAC 60 ± 15 ( or 220V optional)
AC Current mA 220mA/60V   310mA/45V
AC Bypass Current Rating A 10
Operating Temperature °C -40 ~ +60
Dimensions ( H x W x D ) cm 18 x 26 x 8
Weight kg 2.4
* Specifications reflect typical system cascade performance, individual station performance may vary.
* Specifications are at the conditions of the operational output level and 25 ?.
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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