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 » Remote power supply for CATV

Braun Group KA606A CATV remote power supply

CATV remote power supply

Braun Group - KA606A

Remote power supply "magnetic saturation barostat" type, lightning and short circuit protection, 220VAC+/-20V supply, output voltage 60VAC+/-3%, nominal loading current 6A, power inserter included 5-860MHz, F and 5/8" connectors, output measuring instruments ammeter / voltmeter included - 6A


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KA6000 Series CATV Magenetic Saturation Barostat
   CATV magnetic saturation barostat is an advanced special power supply. It has steady output voltage, strict anti-thunder and good anti-jamming ability, short-circuit protection character, and works at all weather. Installation is easy and it can reduce power ports to improve reliability. Builtin power inserts are easy to use.
Performance Characteristic
 • Anti-thunder, avoid short circuit, anti-jam, high independent.
 • Broad steady-voltage range, rich output current and rich power
 • Built-in power inserter, easy to use
 • 5/8 standard interface
 • 2-path output, each path with switch
 • Strengthen shell, self-noise light
 • Installation is agile, convenient and firm.
Power Supply
Input Voltage V 220V±20V
Output Voltage : Rating V 30, 42, 60
Output Voltage : Allowable Tolerance % ±3
Output Voltage Variety Ratio % ±3
Rated Output current (AC) A 1,2,3,4,6,10,15
Short-circuit protection A If load is short-circuit, input current is 2.5 times current when fully load.
Power Inserts
Frequency Range MHz 5~860
Insert loss dB ≤0.5~1.5
Return loss dB ≥10
C/N dB ≥66
Load current A 2,4,6,10,15
Max Overpass Voltage V 65 (50Hz)
   Remark: Load current is each path overpass current
Principle drawing :
Principle Drawing KA6000 Series CATV Magenetic Saturation Barostat
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