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 » CATV independent CCIR - PAL B/G modulators, 8,12,16 channel combiners, demodulators

Maiwei MW-318BS-300-860MHZ CATV modulator

CATV Stereo Fixed Modulator

Braun_Group - SK-318BS 300-860MHz

CCIR band III stereo modulator, adjustable AV input, fixed output in 300-860 MHz band, 3 SAW filter, max. output 120dBuV, S/N ratio 60dB, 220V/50Hz, 19" rack mountable

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   The MW-318BS is a professional quality, agile modulator with stereo audio, which can be used as an alternate IF input and is specifically designed for use of Head-end systems of CATV.
   This product provide audio and video modulated RF carrier on any channel in the 45 to 860MHz frequency range. Many standard audio/video sources can be used, such as satellite receivers and video tape recorders. This modulator has a wide range of standard and optional features that make it very suitable for advanced MATV, SMATV or CATV systems.
  • IF processing with three SAW filters.
  • PLL technique with high precision.
  • Clamp circuit with high anti-hum performance.
  • Adopt MMIC circuit and surface-mounted technique on key parts
Item Unit Specifications
Frequency Range MHz 870
Output Level dBµV ≥ 115
Output Level Control Range db 0 ~ 20
Side-band Suppression dB ≥ 65
FSpurious Output Suppression dB ≥ 65
Video to Audio Carrier Ratio dB -10 ~ - 20 adjustable
Video S/N dB  ≥50dB
Differential Gain % ±4% (87,5% modulation)
Differential Phase ° ±4° (87,5% modulation) 
RF Input Impedance Ω 75
Video Input Level Vp-p 0.7~1.4Vpp
Audio Input Level dB 0dBm ± 10dB
* Specifications reflect typical system cascade performance, individual station performance may vary.
* Specifications are at the conditions of the operational output level and 25 .
Front Panel
Lit while power supply is in proper state. The output level decreases when turning clockwise. -17 dB (Preset Value, please do not attempt to adjust) LED Audio frequency deviation Adjustment. The deviation decreases (volume) when turning clockwise. Video modulation depth adjustment. The modulation depth decreases when turning clockwise.
Read Panel
  • Video Input (RCA female)
  • Audio dual (L/R) Input (RCA female)
  • IF Output
  • IF Input
  • RF Output
  • Power socket
  • Power cord 220VA
1.Connect the standard audio and video cables from other equipment such as DSR to the audio input 2 (R/L) and video input 1 port on the rear panel respectively. Please do not forget to connecting IF IN and IF OUT with a cable.
2.When using one modulator only, insert the power plug of the modulator to a power supply socket directly. When using more than one modulator, please insert the first modulator's power plug into the next modulator's power socket, and so on. Remember to insert the last modulator's power plug into a power supply socket.

3. Connect the RF Output 5 on the rear panel to the Channel Mixer of the CATV head-end equipment.
4. Press the Menu 2 to show the RF output level and adjut it by pressing key 3/4 on front panel to change output levels to make the output levels of different modulators almost equal.
5.Adjust the frequency deviation and video modulation depth to obtain best sound and picture.
6.The A/V has been preset before sold. Do not attempt to adjust the "A/V" in case of unnecessary.

1.Avoid storing in a damp place.
2.Be sure to operate carefully since the modulator has no power on/off switch.
3.Any problem, please resort to the supplier for help.

1.Audio and Video Connecting Cable (one piece)
2.IF Connecting Cable (One Piece)
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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