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Braun Group

  Description Price
IPG2P2SIndustrial Gigabit 4P Switch 2PoE+ 2SFP Braun Group - IPG2P2S industrial

Industrial Bridge- gigabit POE Media converter
Industrial Switch 2*10/100/1000 PoE + 2 Gigabit SFP, Industrial, 802.3 af/at,  max 30W/port, output voltage DC 48-57V ;
Industrial temperature range;   DIN RAIL; PoE Power not included

Price : 130.37 EURO
*) VAT not included
Availability : Call
IPX8P2R8+2P Switch/8 * PoE Braun Group - IPX8P2R

Switch 8*10/100 PoE + 2*10/100 Uplink Industrial, 802.3 af/at, 1 port max 30W, IP40, DC 48-57V 

Price : 116.70 EURO
*) VAT not included
Availability : Call
IPX4P2RIndustrial POE switch 6 port with 4* PoE + 2*RJ45 Uplink, IP40, Din Rail Mount Braun Group - IPX4P2R

Industrial Switch 4*10/100 PoE + 2*10/100 Uplink , 802.3 af/at, each port max 30W/ port, IP40,
DC 48-57V ( poE power is not included)
working temperature is  ( -40C ... +80C ) degree

Old price 65.29 EURO
New price
56.97 EURO
*) VAT not included
Availability : Call
Industrial Poe+Switch 8 Poe(TP+SFP)Industrial PoE+ gigabit Switch with 8* PoE+ & port 2 gigabit uplink (TP+ SFP) & PSU POE+ 145W/54V UTEPO - UTP7208E-POE-A1

UTP7208E-POE-A1 is an unmanaged industrial PoE switch, which features 8* downlink Ethernet ports and 2* uplink ports gigabi port (SFP slot & copper).
price includes PSU:  POE plus 54Volt/2,68A (145 watt)
It supports one key CCTV mode, can achieve VLAN after configuration, 250m transmission distance for downlink ports, control the Net storm, protect the information security, prevent the viral transmission and Ethernet attack, fully satisfy the Ethernet video security surveillance system and Ethernet project needs. The switch supports NI-MH Battery power supply and DC supply.



Price : 180.35 EURO
*) VAT not included
Availability : Call
UTP7208EIndustrial DinRail Switch 8P+2 giga uplink(TP+SFP) (-40C-75C) UTEPO - UTP7208E

UTP7208E-is an unmanaged industrial switch, which features 8* downlink Ethernet ports and 2* uplink ports. The downlink ports are 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports. There are 1* Gigabit uplink Ethernet port and 1* Gigabit uplink SFP Module port.

Price : 92.30 EURO
*) VAT not included
Availability : Call
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