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Antenna tuning instruments

  Description Price
Performer DF2469 Reflectometer/powermeterReflectometer/powermeter Performer - DF2469

20W-200W Reflectometer/powermeter, 1,8-60 MHz, 3% precision

Price : 18.50 EURO
*) VAT not included22.015
Availability : Call
Performer DF2475 Reflectometer/powermeterReflectometer/powermeter Performer - DF2475

5W-20W-200W Reflectometer/powermeter, 1,8-200 MHz

Price : 38.00 EURO
*) VAT not included45.22
Availability : Call
RM Italy MIX-144 mixer antennaMixer antenna RM Italy - MIX-144

Mixer antenna 140-165 MHz and FM-LW-MW, Max input power 100W

Price : 17.60 EURO
*) VAT not included20.944
Availability : Call
Reflectometer/powermeter Performer - DF2477

Dual Reflectometer/powermeter 5W-20W-200W, 1,8-160 MHz, 140-525 MHz, lit

Price : 78.00 EURO
*) VAT not included92.82
Availability : Call
Performer LTS-102X Reflectometer/powermeterReflectometer/powermeter Performer - LTS-102X

Reflectometer/powermeter 20W, 200W, 140-525 MHz, lit (N connector)

Price : 53.00 EURO
*) VAT not included63.07
Availability : Call
Prices do not include VAT
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