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 » Braun Group Single-mode optical fiber cable

ADSS 2.5kN 24 Fibre

ADSS 24 fibers 6x4 2.5kN Multitube optical fiber cable

Braun Group - ADSS 2.5kN 24 Fibre

Optical cable ADSS 2,5KN 24xSM G652D (6x4), A-DQ (ZN) 2Y - AERIAN, metalfree, longitudinal waterbloking, aramid yarns, PE jacket, UV protection, 30-60m (depending on installation conditions / environmental conditions), diameter: 10.6mm, weight: 86kg / km, maximum tensioning tension: 2.5kN, min. curvature: 212mm, temp. operating: -40 + 60 degrees Celsius, roll length: 4km

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