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8 way Indoor splitter

8 way Indoor splitter

nextraCOM - FV8

8 way Indoor splitter, 1IN->8OUT, 5-1000MHz, 11,3dB attenuation

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NextraCOM FV-8 Series indoor splitter
Passive distribution transmission device with high quality , suitable to 5~1000MHZ bi-directional transmission network.

Zinc alloy shell with spraying surface of tin plating, and rear cover with tin closure, which substantially improve shielding prosperity of the product and make the EMC index fully reach the international standard.

Adopt SMT craft, and repeated vector optimization design, fully improved indexes of flatness in band and reflecting loss ,which has low insertion loss, little branch deviation and high isolation port characteristics.
Frequency range(MHz) Splitter loss(dB) Isolation lose(dB) Return loss(dB)
5-10 ≤10.8 ≥22 ≥16
10-50 ≤10.8 ≥25 ≥16
50-150 ≤11.0
150-300 ≤11.0
300-400 ≤11.2
400-550 ≤11.5
550-750 ≤11.8 ≥22 ≥16
750-1000 ≤12.2 ≥22 ≥16
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz


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