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5Mpixel USB Webcam

5Mpixel USB Webcam

Hantol - HW8881SR

Webcam USB, 5Mpixel  Hantol Chat HW8881 Silver/Red

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Hantol - HW8881SR USB 5 Megapixel WEB cam
With Hantol Webcam Chat HW8881SR with built-in Microphone
for clear sound quality you can send video to anyone, ideal for MSN/Live, Messenger, Skype,etc.
The camera is the perfect solution for video chat and conferencing.
The unique snap-on enables you to simply click the camera on your LCD screen or laptop.

High resolution VGA (640 x 480) 300k pixel
or SXVGA (1024 x 768) 1300 pixel real Dinamic 2.0 Mega Pixel and 5.0 Mega Pixel
Compliant USB 2.0 & 1.1
Hantol technology Light evolution for best image even with low lightBuilt
in microphone Focus from 3cm to infinity. 62 degree visual angle.
Win98, Windows® 2000, Windows2003, Windows® XP/VISTA, Windows 7.
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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