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nextraCOM LHX-M5134B 550MHz line amplifier

550 MHz line amplifier

nextraCOM - LHX-M5134B

550 MHz line amplifier, 2x 32dB outputs, Motorola hybrid, nominal input/output level 72/104dB, tilt 9-24dB (adjustable 9dB+15dB), attenuation 0-15dB, no return path, remote power 60VA/14W

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nextraCOM LHX-M5134A/B - Line Amplifier
   It is suitable for use in multi-class trunk signal transmission to compensate or strict distributing network. Adopt Motorola, Philips power double amplifier module. Its main indexes are all better than 34dB gain module obviously. Pre-class adopted low-noise microwave tube double-class push-pull amplifier insures enough gain. 1 input and 2 outputs have over-current protection (fuse plug-change). Branches or distributers at output can be plug-changed freely. Adopt fore-and-aft double equalizers to adjust flatness sensitive and convenient. Import double-layer PCB, a high reliable linearity power and a multi-strict anti-thunder system are set. All these insure long-life and safe work
Frequency Range MHz 45~550
Rated Gain dB 2 out x 30dB (1 out x 34dB)
Flatness In Band dB ±0.5
Rated Input Level dBµV 72
Rated Output Level dBµV 102
Gain Adjustable Range dB 0~15
Slope Adjustable Range dB 0~24(9dB fixed (switch 18 vertical arrow) + 15dB adjustable)
Temperature Compensation dB ±2,5 (±30°C)
when active (switch 7 vertical arrow) total gain decrease with 3dB
Noise Figure dB <9
Composite Triplee Beat dB >62
Composite Second Order dB >60
Return Loss dB >16
Anti-thunder KV 5 (10/700µS)
Power Voltage (50HZ) V B~(35~65V) or A ~220V ±10%
Consumption VA 14
Dimension mm 270x200x75
   • To insure long-distance transmission flatness and signal to noise ratio in low frequency band, please use fore-and-aft equalizers at the same time for a good effect. If there is a down-concave figure at about 80-200MHz, you may use aft-equalizer and pull out aft-equalizer switch (18).
   • Max gain is the gain when attenuator and equalizer is zero and output plug-in is branch main output.
   • If channel number or amplifiers continuous transmission class number is too many, in order to insure figure quality, decrease output level reasonably
   • Must use power source with over-current protection. If use magnetism saturation power source, please measure voltage of it with a pointer multimeter, otherwise will cause an error
   • Finishing installation, please examine whether the circuit is over-current. If you needn't the over-current circuit, pull out the fuse. If need, examine short circuit first with a multimeter.
   • Service: The product installed or maintained by professionals. Any technique consult, please contact MONDO PLAST.
Amplifiers have at oposite side of hanging devices 2 small holes for eliminatig water and condense from the amplifier body. These 2 holes MUST BE UNDER the amplifier body.

Pane Drawing :
Amplificator linie 550MHz nextraCOM LHX-M5134B
Product Structure :
Amplificator linie 550MHz nextraCOM LHX-M5134B
a. Low voltage (~60/50Hz) power supply  (B style)
1- RF input
2- Input Test Port: -20 dB
3- Input over-current protection fuse 10A/250V
4- Adjustable attenuator (use when input level too high)
5- Adjustable equalizer
6- Pre-class amplifier module
7- Temperature compensate switch (arrow-head level: no temperature compensate, arrow-head apeak: temperature compensate, decrease 3dB of total gain)
8- Import amplifier module
9- Output splitter or distributer plug-in (optional)
10- Output 1
11- Output 1 Test Port: -30 dB
12- Output 2 ( splitter -4dB or TAP -10dB)
13- +24V power LED
14- Output over-current protection fuse 10A/250V (pull out if no need)
15- Power supply fuse 3.15A
16- Switching Regulated Power Supply
17- Over-current inductor
18- Fixed equalizer (9dB) switch, arrow-head level: no equalizer, arrow-head apeak: equalizer.

Amplificator linie 550MHz nextraCOM LHX-M5134B b. High voltage (~220V/50Hz) power supply (A style)
3- Input over-current protection fuse 2A
Others are same to B style (~60V).
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz
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