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50 ohm coaxial cables - Radio communications & data

  Description Price
RG59FFQ3MRG-59 Coaxial Cable 3m nextraCOM - RG59FFQ3m

RG-59 Coaxial Cable 3m 

Price : 1.50 EURO
*) VAT not included1.785
Availability : Call
H 1000 NextraCom 50ohm coaxial cable structureCoaxial Cable 50ohm nextraCOM - H1000N

50ohm coaxial cable, low loss, Centr.Cu 2,62mm, folie+tresa Cu, atten.4/14dB at 100/1000MHz, diam.10,3mm, 250m reels.

Price : 1.10 EURO
*) VAT not included1.309
Availability : Call
RG-213 50ohm coaxial cable50ohm coaxial cable nextraCOM - RG213 Nextra

Coaxial cable, central Cu, 7x0,75mm, 80%Cu braiding, atten. 6,6/11,6/22,6dB at 100/300/1000MHz, diam.10,2mm, 100, 305m reels

Price : 0.99 EURO
*) VAT not included1.1781
Availability : Call
RG-58-nextra50ohm coaxial cable nextraCOM - RG58 Nextra

Coaxial cable, central Cu-St 19x0,18mm, 90%Cu-St braiding, 15,1/26,5/49,6dB at 100/300/1000MHz attenuation, diam.4,9mm, 305m reels

Price : 0.30 EURO
*) VAT not included0.357
Availability : Call
H155Coaxial cable 50ohm Belden - H155 H-155

H155/ H-155: Belden Europe - high frequency coaxial cable for radio & WiFi applications
50ohm coaxial cable, Central Cu 19x0.28mm, Al foil + Cu-St 80% braiding, attenuation 9,3/16,3/30,9dB at 100/300/1000MHz, 2000Mhz:
Overal diameter= 5.4mm PVC jacekt, packing 100-500m reels

Price : 0.81 EURO
*) VAT not included0.9639
Availability : Call
H 100150ohm coaxial cable Belden - H1001

50ohm coaxial cable, Central Cu, 2,7 mm, stranded, braiding + foil 50% Cu, attenuation 4,7/16,2dB at 100/1000MHz, diam.10,3mm, 100, 500m reels

Price : 2.55 EURO
*) VAT not included3.0345
Availability : Call
H 100050ohm coaxial cable Belden - H1000

50ohm coaxial cable, Central Cu 2,62mm, Cu foil + 50% Cu braiding, attenuation 4/7/14dB at 100/300/1000MHz, diam.10,3mm, 100, 500m reels

Price : 2.36 EURO
*) VAT not included2.8084
Availability : Call
H 50050ohm coaxial cable Belden - H500

50ohm coaxial cable, Central Cu 2,5mm, Cu foil + 50% Cu braiding, attenuation 4,1/7,5/14,6dB at 100/300/1000MHz, diam.9,8mm, 100-500m reels

Price : 2.13 EURO
*) VAT not included2.5347
Availability : Call
RG-21350ohm coaxial cable Belden - RG213-25%

50ohm coaxial cable, Central Cu 2,25 mm, 25% Cu braiding, attenuation 6,5/11,6/22,1dB at 100/300/1000MHz, diam.10,3mm, 100-500m reels, SPECIAL OFFER WHILE STOCKS LAST

Price : 0.85 EURO
*) VAT not included1.0115
Availability : Call
RG-21350ohm coaxial cable Belden - RG213

50ohm coaxial cable, Central Cu 7x0,75mm, 93% Cu braiding, attenuation 6,6/11,6/22,6dB at 100/300/1000MHz, diam.10,3mm, 100, 500m reels

Special offer is valid only for 98m reels, black.

Old price 2.00 EURO
New price
1.60 EURO
*) VAT not included
Availability : Call
Belden RG-58 50 ohm coaxial cable50ohm coaxial cable Belden - RG-58

50ohm coaxial cable, Central Cu-St 19x0,18mm 93% Cu-St braiding, attenuation 15,1/26,5/49,6dB at 100/300/1000MHz, diam. 4,95mm, 100, 500m reels

Price : 0.98 EURO
*) VAT not included1.1662
Availability : Call
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