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 » 3 phase power regulator 380V

50kVA Triphase Voltage Stabilizer

50kVA Triphase Voltage Stabilizer

Braun Group - EA-SBW-50KVA

Three-phase stabilizer capacity 50 KVA / usable power 25KW (for operating in parameters and at –20% input voltage), input voltage: 230V +/- 20%, 400V +/- 20%, output voltage on phase 230V +/- 3%, line 400V +/- 3%, efficiency> = 95%, noise <= 50dB, output input jacks 3F + 1N + 1PE, response time <= 1.3s, operating temperature –10 + 40 degrees Celsius, humidity 0-95%, altitude <1000m, continuous working mode, dimensions (WxDxH) 800x560x1320mm, weight 260Kg.


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