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 » Patch paneluri optice 19" (ODF)


1U Optical patch panel 24 adapters

Braun Group - APP06-24-LC/PC-DUPLEX-SLI

ODF rack19 "Optical panel Patch, 1U, highly resistant cold bent steel casing, plasticised look painting, sliding drawer on two silent gliders, equipped with 24 LC/PC Duplex adapters, with front handle for patch cords, 4 optical cable inputs on The rear provided with gaskets and cable fastening system, a welding box for 48 optical welds, without pigtails, without thermo-protective tubes welds, Dimensions: 485mm x 355mm x 1U, operating temperature-25 + 45 degrees Celsius, humidity < 85%, Atmospheric pressure 70-106KPa, Insulation resistance 2x10MOhm/500V (DC).

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