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 » Testere CCTV

BG-2800 ADH

Tester Camere TVI, CVI, AHD, CVBS

Braun Group - BG-2800ADH

Tester CCTV 3.5”HVGA TFT-LCD screen display/480*320 resolution (RGB)/ Analog (CVBS) test / HD coaxial test (CVI/TVI/AHD) / PTZ control/ Color bar generator/ /12V 1A power output

Noul Tester CCTV pentru camere Analogice, TVI, CVI, AHD, este proiectat pentru instalarea și întreținerea la fața locului a unei camere montata cu cablu coaxial care combinã și alte funcții de testare a camerelor analogice, ieșire semnal analogic, continuitatea cablului UTP, design ușor de utilizat și multe alte funcții, fac din testerul BG-2800ADH un instrument esențial pentru toți instalatorii sau tehnicienii.

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BG-2800 ADHBG-2800 ADHBG-2800 ADHBG-2800 ADH

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— CCTV system installation and maintenance

— Network cabling project installation and maintenance

— Dome camera and all in one camera testing

— Video transmission channel testing

—  PTZ control


  1. 5inch screen display, 480(RGB)x320 resolution
  2. Low power consumption, working time lasts 11 hours
  3. LCD screen brightness/contrast/color saturation adjustable NTSC/PAL auto adjust
  4. CVI /TVI /AHD coaxial camera image display, coaxial PTZ control and call up the camera OSD menu  
  5. Enhanced Color bar generator, PAL/NTSC multi-system color bar video generator (Eight-system switchable, transmit/receive eight-system colorful images).
  6. LED Flashlight.
  7. HD coaxial control, PTZ control, color bar generator shortcut key.
  8. F1, F2 user-defined key
  9. PTZ control and PTZ protocol analysis
  10. Cable test, Test LAN cable or telephone cable, UTP cable etc, cable type and the sequence of wires will be displayed
  11. Support more than 30 protocols, such as Pelco-D, Pelco-P, and SAMSUNG.
  12. Support RS485,rate 600 ~ 115200bps adjustable
  13. Built in Lithium Ion Polymer Battery(7V DC 3000mAh )
  14. Image display and data control integration
  15. Handheld HD coaxial tester, easy to carry and operation.





1. Video signal test

The new HD coaxial tester ,built-in high definition 3.5”LCD-TFT 480(RGB)x320 resolution, view the image, easy and directly displays the camera image , support PAL/NTSCLCD screen brightness/Contrast/Color Saturation adjustable. Suitable for field construction and maintenance work


2. HD coaxial signal test

TVI, CVI, AHD coaxial signal test, support 1080P, and the tester will display camera image, coaxial PTZ control and call up the camera OSD menu.


4. Video signal level test (For analog)

Test video signal strength attenuation, longer video signal cable will cause the image to be dim, and reduce the image dynamic range, video signal is too strong, it will cause the virtual shadow, and reduce the sharpness of the image. It also can real-display the video level value, if out of range, notices will be display in the screen.


5. PTZ controller

Display the input video images. Pan/tilt the P/T unit the image. Setup the controlling parameters like protocol, communication port, baud rate, PTZ ID, pan/tilt speed; set and call preset position.


6. Enhanced color bar generator

The tester sends out color bars via its BNC output to the monitor. This is used to test for a problem in the cable going from the camera back to the monitoring area


7. DC12V 1A output power

Power the camera with DC12V (1A) power output from the tester. It is helpful for demo and testing when the power supply is not available.


8. Audio testing

Test the audio input from pickup devices. Connect the tester and pickup device with the audio cable.


9. PTZ controller

Search the Control protocol code from Multifunction keyboard or DVR by RS485 interface, test the PTZ control command data whether received anomaly and RS485 data transmission.

Screen displays 16 hexadecimal codes such as

PELCO-P:A0 00(Add) xx xxxxxx AF xx

PELCO-D:FF 01(Add)xx xxxxxxxx 


10. PTZ address scanning

Search up the ID of PTZ camera. Help the engineer search the speed dome address quickly.


11. LED lamp

Press the LED On/Off button to use the LED flashlight.


12. HD coaxial, PTZ control and color bar generator shortcut key

HD coaxial, PTZ control and color bar generator shortcut key, easy to operate


13. F1, F2 User-defined shortcut keys

The user-defined shortcut key is designed for improving the efficiency for the engineer, anytime press, easy to operate.