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 » Osciloscoape digitale

Osciloscop digital Atten ADS2202SA

Osciloscop digital

Atten - ADS2202SA

Osciloscop digital de laborator, 200MHz, 1GS/s, afisaj monocrom LCD, interfata USB

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Atten ADS2202SA Digital oscilloscope
ADS2000 Series oscilloscope have the excellent performance, strong function and high quality product with a good price. Real time sampling can attain 1GSa/s which totally satisfy the market requirement of testing the high speed capture rate, complicated signal. It support USB storage device, and the user can update the software through USB disc. It support PicBridge directly print
 • 1GSa/s real times sampling and 50GSa/s equivalent sampling.
 • USB Host/Device.
 • Support Easy Scope 2.0 software system
 • USB disc storage
 • 20 groups waveforms and 20 groups
 • Setup Save/Recall function
 • Support manifold Languages online support.
 • Digital filter
 • Waveform record and Pass/Fail function
 • Dual channel- each channel bandwidth 25MHz
 • Single color LCD display(S/SA)
Band width 200MHz
Channels 2
Rise time <3.5ns
Vertical Sensitivity 2mV - 5V/div(1-2-5 sequence)
Vertical Resolution 8 bit
Equivalent Sampling Rate The highest sampling rate of each channel is 50GSa/s
Memory Depth Each channel: at least 4k -1M / CH
Waveform capture rate The highest capture rate exceed 1000times/sec
Save/Recall Provide two groups ref waveforms, twenty groups ordinary waveforms and twenty groups setup save/recall function
Trigger Types Edge|Pulse Width|Video
Trigger Modes Auto|normal|signal
Math operation +, -, * , /, Invert
window:Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Rectangular
Sampling points:1024points
Auto time
Measure types
Vpp; Vmax; Vmin; Vamp; Vhi; Vlo; Vavg; Mean; Vrms; Cycle Rms; ROVShoot; FOVShoot; RPREShoot; FPREShoot; Freq: Period; Rise time; Fall Time ; +Width; —Width; Positive Duty Cycle; Negative Duty Cycle; Burst Width; Phase; FRR; FRF; FFR; FFF; LRR; LRF; LFR; LFF
Sample Types Real time; Equivalent time
Averages 4, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
Display language Manifold languages
XY Mode Phase Error: ±3 degrees
Support the sampling rate:5KSa/s; 200MSa/s (in a 1-2-5 sequence)
Input voltage 100-240 VAC, 47Hz-440Hz; 50VA Max
Size and Weight 300mm x 150mm x 290mm; about 4.6kg
Accessories (1:1;10:1)probe x2; USB Host; USB Device; EasyScope computer software system; cable; manual
Options GPIB communication Module; UART module; Pass/Fail Interface Module
* Specificatiile pot fi schimbate fara preaviz


Waveform Recorder Function

Using this function, Users can continue record data of their need signals as the form of frame. Waveform recorder can record input waveform from CH1 and CH2, with maximum record length of 1000 frames. This record behavior can also be activated by the pass/fail test output, which makes this function especially useful to capture abnormal signals in long term without keeping an eye watching it.

Powerful Storage Function

ADS2000 series can save two reference waveforms, twenty captured waveforms and twenty setups by bigger capability hardware memorizer, providing most storage options in the same level digital storage oscilloscopes. Two reference waveforms can be displayed simultaneously, so users can compare them with other waveforms expediently.

Auto Measure Function

ADS2000 series can auto measure thirty two parameters, which is most in the same level digital oscilloscopes. Auto measure function can eliminate user error consumedly, and users will measure parameters what they need faster and more accurately using it. ADS2000 series also have a all measurement function that displays all the waveform parameters on the screen according to measure kinds, and users can ready measure parameters value expediently. So ADS2000 series are your most perfect measure tools in current market.


EasyhuntingTM Patent Technology

All ADS2000 series products employ EasyHuntingTM patented technology when capturing waveforms. EasyHuntingTM was invented patented by our own engineers and employs a unique hardware design and software algorithm. In essence, it enables our oscilloscopes to capture waveforms with higher precision than other competitive products globally. Comparative testing proved that the ADS2000 series were able to capture and display waveforms more steady and accurate than other products of the same specifications. EasyHuntingTM takes full advantage of hardware capabilities to give the user the ability to observe fast changing signals with less sampling jitter.


Sampling Rate Enhancement

The real time sampling rate up to 1GSa/s or 500MSa/s is available in the ADS2000 series of digital storage oscilloscopes and the equivalent sampling rate goes up to 50GSa/s, which represent the highest level presently available worldwide in comparable digital storage oscilloscopes. Real time and Equivalent time sampling are selectable in the ADS2000 series products, which not only satisfy with market need that capture variety and complex signals but make users observe periodicity signals more accurate. 


Digital Filter Function

ADS2000 series provide a digital filter function, and users can use it setting upper limit and lower limit of frequency to reduce signal noise and filter error signal. So they can observe their interested signals distinctly, which will advance users’ work efficiency consumedly.  


USB Flash Drive Storage

With the extensive use of the USB flash drive, USB flash drive storage function is one of the absolutely necessarily functions in mainstream digital storage oscilloscopes. USB flash drive storage function operation of ADS2000 series is more simple and convenient comparing with other brand digital oscilloscopes. Users can save the oscilloscope settings, waveform data, or screen images to the USB flash drive though the Save/Recall menu convenient for using them in future.

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