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 » Mini/Micro Cabluri de fibra optica Single Mode

Micro cablu optic MUC 2 fibre

Micro cablu optic MUC 2 fibre


Micro cablu optic MUC 2 fibre. Diametru cablu: 2,45mm, Diametru micro-tub: 6/4 mm, greutate: 5kg/km, Tensiune de intindere: 200N, Role 2/4km. MUC (micro uni tube cables gel filled), metalfree, protectie apa, rezistent ultraviolete, instalare prin suflare cu aer comprimat in micro tuburi

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MICRO cablu optic MUC 2 fibre 0.2kN
MUC - Micro Unitube Cable
The MUC is a non-metallic, waterproof customer drop cable,
consisting of optical fibres in a jelly-filled central tube,
surrounded by aramid-yarns (as tensile strength elements) and protected by a smooth polyamid
This outdoor cable is thin, light in weight and flexible and can be installed with narrow bending radii,
therefore very suitable for application in the access network.
Installation: blowing into microducts of 4.0mm (inside diameter).
 Comercial information Properties
Product group Fibre optic cable
Series Fibre optic cable Single mode
Type MUC
Description 2x SM G.657.A1
Net weight 5 kg/km
 Construction characteristics Properties
Standardization IEC 60794-5-10
Test procedures IEC 60794-1-2
Application Outside
Cable metal free Yes
Installable by blowing Yes
Oil resistant (acc. EN 60811-2-1) Yes
Longitudinal water blocking Yes
Strain relief Yes
Number of fibres 2
Number of fibres per tube 2
Type of tube Loose tube, gel filled
Fibre type Single Mode
Optical fibre standard  ITU-T G.657.A1
Number of layers 1 Layer
Type of strain relief Aramid fibre
Colour of outer sheath Black
Outer sheath material Polyamide
 Characteristics of use Properties
Halogen free Acc. IEC 60754-1
UV-protection ISO 4892/2
Outer sheath thickness 0.25 mm
Outer diameter approx. 2.45 mm
Max. cord diameter 2.6 mm
Bending radius during installation 30 mm
Bending radius after installation 20 mm
Tensile load 200 N
Tensile load Long Term (Tl) 75 N
Max. fiber strain at Tm 0.4%
Installation temperature -15 / 50 °C
Opperation temperature range -30/70 °C
Transportation and storage temperature -40/70 °C
 Technical characteristics Properties
Attenuation @ 1310 nm 0.36 dB/km
Attenuation @ 1550 nm 0.25 dB/km
Attenuation @ 1625 nm 0.35 dB/km
Crush resistance 800 N/dm
Impact strength 2 J
Striking surface radius 300 mm
Torsion resistance 360°/m
Kink resistance 40 40 mm
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