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 » Wireless Access Point 2.4Ghz/5Ghz

Intelligent Multi-WAN Authentication Gateway & Controller

Intelligent Multi-WAN Authentication Gateway & Controller

Yuncore - AC1600

AC1600 is a middle and small scale enterprise use authentication gateway, with Gigabit WAN ports up to 4, improved the Ethernet speed and increased the concurrent end users to 150; It can access into cloud server for remote management and multiple captive portal authentication such as SMS, Facebook, Google, member login method, to apply this device into shopping mall, restaurant for advertisement and second time selling. Besides that, AC1800 is an AC controller to manage, control and monitor 100PCS wireless access point in the same networking diagram simultaneous, very easy to set up this desktop AC controller, then to keep the whole networking stability and save human and transportation cost.
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Intelligent Multi-WAN Authentication Gateway & Controller
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359.38 RON

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427,66 RON

Disponibilitate :

Auto detect and manage wireless AP up to 100PCS

1. Automatically detect and allocated IP address for wireless AP: AC1600 can detect the working AP and allocate the IP address for them, then configure and manage the AP centralized, even Zero configuration available to make wireless AP plug and play.

2. Centralized Manage and Control: AC1600 can configure AP's SSID, Password, Channel, QTY of access end users, then reboot, reset, firmware upgrade; Manual adjust AP's coverage threshold and transmission power, to reduce the mutual interference between APs and improve wireless network quality.

3. TAG VLAN: AC1600 can manage the AP based on VLAN Trunk. Deploy it as bypass controller in the networking, can trunk Wireless SSID with VLAN switch's VLAN to do communicate among different VLAN.

4. Real Time Monitor and Analyze: AC1600 will monitor and analyze wireless AP all the time, then show AP’s working status on Web manage page, make maintainer easy to maintain the whole networking.


WEB management interface, and support remote management.

AC1600 support WEB management interface and WEB remote management, we also can configure and manage AC1600 even in another city at any time, Greatly facilitates the adminstrator to maintain a stable network then monitor the AP's working status, greatly saves human, transportation costs

Full Gigabit ports, work as enterprise router in a network

Supports PPPoE, Static IP, Dynamic IP and PPTP, with 5*10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Port, AC1600 can connect with ADSL/Fiber networking then work as gigabit router in residential or some business area.

Multiple security modes to protect network safety

AC1600 support Tag VLAN binding based on wireless network (SSID), make different wireless network (SSID) to binding different VLAN ID, realize the communication isolation in different wireless networks,to protect networking safety.                        In addition, AC1600 support multi firewall functions like IP filter,MAC filter, URL filter, port forwarding, DMZ, to allow compliant users to access the wireless network, and ensure that special network application such as FTP, H.323, IPSec/ PPTP VPN, to further protect network security.

Smart Quality of Service(QoS) function

Based on the IEEE 802.11e standard, it provides basic Quality of Service(QoS) features to end users according to IP/MAC address; Besides that, it can control the flow after set priority for instant messaging service, download, video or office

Low power consumption, energy saving and environment protection

AC1600’s running power consumption is lower than 5W, low heat, energy saving and environment protection, can prolong it operation life

Model No.        AC1600
Managed AP:    QTYMaximum 100PCS wireless AP can be managed, 150 concurrent users recommended
Interface:         5 * 10/100/1000M RJ45 ports, can be 4 WAN/1 LAN ports or 1 WAN/4 LAN ports
Size:                283mm x174 mm x 44mm
Power Supply:   100-240V~50/60Hz
Operating Temperature: -20℃~45℃
Storage Temperature:   -30℃~70℃
HumidityOperating Humidity: 10%~90% RH Non condensing
Storage Humidity:5%~90% RH Non condensing
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